Gain Amazing Rewards During Fighttinh Telos&rs gold with Up to 8% free bonus 7.1-7.22

Posted June 30, 2016 by accolac99

Gain Amazing Rewards During Fighttinh Telos&rs gold with Up to 8% free bonus 7.1-7.22

According to Jagex, the new boss Telos is the toughest solo boss in RuneScape. Therefore, the rewards of Telos are appealing and wonderful for you all, such as free six months’ membership of RS, three tier 92 weapons and more. Are you looking forward to buying cheap RS 3 gold to assist you achieving the rewards? Then RSorder can be your best choice. You can buy rs3 gold at lowest price on this site as well as experience the fast delivery and first-class service.

The rewards that Telos can drop:

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1.Three tier 92 two-handed god weapons with unique special attacks - Seren Godbow, Staff of Sliske and the long-awaited Zaros Godsword.
2.Reprisal – an ability that can be used to all combat styles. It’s a threshold ability which causes you to store any damage you take for the next 6 seconds. You are able to trade it if you don’t want to use it.
3.A new boss pet.
4.Six months of RuneScape membership and a signed T-Shirt from the development team.

The way to battle with the mighty Telos:

1.In order to start the boss fight, defeat each God Wars Dungeon 2 general at least once to win 4 sigil fragments, and then you should combine the four fragments to make the complete sigil.
2.Then you can access to the door to start the fight by using the sigil. You can use the tier 85 Anima Core armour to defeat Telos initially.
3.Head over four stages which involve the boss Telos and you descending down levels into the Heart of Gielinor. Bear in mind that you can choose the fight’s difficulty of Telos
4.Because Telos has an enrage mechanic, the fights will become more hard if you has successfully killed the boss. Once you have reached a checkpoint of no longer being able to defeat Telos, and then you can choose the enrage level at which you start fighting the boss.


1.The rewards are decided by you. The more you risk, the greater your rewards. If you are in need of cheap RuneScape 3 gold for help, hurry to place your order on RSorder to get 5% off by using code “OSMX5”.
2. If you die at any point during a Telos fight or teleport away while the fight is in progress, you will lose all of your rewards and reset your kill count.
3.Telos follows a special drop mechanic on obtaining loot, and then you can either claim it or "chain" it to increase their chances of getting better rewards.

As you know, the new boss is a big challenge for you all. Therefore, welcome to RSorder to purchase cheap RS 3 gold in your bank before you start to battle the solo boss Telos. Good luck!
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