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Posted April 25, 2018 by abigaylemark

Traffic safety is crucial and when people and vehicles are in close proximity, it becomes a high concern.

Traffic safety is crucial and when people and vehicles are in close proximity, it becomes a high concern. Aggressive driving occurs at every step and it becomes a risk for pedestrians in various locations, including schools and playgrounds, parking lots, shopping centers and much more. Speed humps have the purpose of reducing speed and protecting people. By installing a speed bump, accident risks are lowered.
Communities often use speed zones to encourage drivers to be more attentive, but in certain cases and areas, they are not very effective. This is why installing additional systems is necessary. The good news is that solutions exist and there are two main options: speed humps and speed bumps. They are obstacles used in traffic, actual bumps in the middle of the road that alert drivers when they are moving too fast over them. Several materials are used for manufacturing bumps, including plastic, rubber, metal or concrete. They can be installed in various applications and they present many advantages.
Road humps are mostly used in school zones and playgrounds and they are installed on local streets where traffic has to go smoothly. However, in case of excessive speed, pedestrians are at risk. Once car pass over them, drivers experience a gentle rocking sensation, in case they respect the mentioned speed limit. On the other hand, if they have unsafe speed, the hump jars the vehicle and people inside, causing a level of discomfort. Elements such as travel lengths and profiles influence the discomfort created for speeding vehicles. If the travel length is longer than the car, then there is one up-and-down motion. Two rocking movements are created by the travel length shorter than the car.
Furthermore, the speed bump is more aggressive and it is suitable for driveways and parking lots, where vehicles and pedestrians share the space. Because it slows traffic down, both parts can react safely. The bump’s height leads to an abrupt bounce, shaking vehicle occupants and their cargo. Since they deliver a shock, they are widely known around the world and have developed colorful sayings. Although in some areas drivers are accustomed to them, they remain a powerful deterrent. Alternatives such as interment traffic and flashing signs are effective for a short period of time, as drivers get back to their behavior. They can disregard the sign, but not the road under them.
Companies providing these bumps know how effective they are and they make sure to design them in such a manner to be seen ahead of time. This allows drivers to slow down in advance, so that they don’t experience the discomfort. Especially local people who know bumps are there get used to them and make sure to drive slowly. Companies that manufacture them can also provide installation and you can discuss your needs to find the best solution.
Do you want to slow traffic down within an area? In this case, speed humps (https://www.areasafe.com.au/car-park-protection/speed-humps) are the perfect solution. Don’t hesitate and include a speed bump (https://www.areasafe.com.au/car-park-protection/speed-humps/speed-humps-cars) in your shopping center, to protect pedestrians.
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