What do you need to have in your kitchen to prepare healthy breakfast?

Posted July 23, 2017 by abigaylemark

When you have a well-stocked kitchen, preparing healthy breakfast or serving healthy snacks to your kids becomes as easy as adding two plus two.

When you have a well-stocked kitchen, preparing healthy breakfast or serving healthy snacks to your kids becomes as easy as adding two plus two. First you should search for some great healthy food ideas and stock the ingredients that would be needed. With ingredients in place you can prepare a quick and flavourful breakfast to start the day on a high note. The biggest advantage of these ingredients is they do not limit your creativity and with little imaginative twist you can use almost the same items to prepare a healthy meal after a long day.
Dieticians and good chefs offer their recipes, tips and suggestions to make healthy breakfast with just two or three items. For example, just switch to extra virgin olive oil from your normal cooking medium, because, olive oil is one of the healthiest mediums in the world. Chefs prefer cold-pressed olive oil for the best flavour and you can find some of the best brands in any top rated online stores selling healthy food items. Not only cooking, you can drizzle over your finished dishes, like pasta, grilled fish or vegetables sides with little olive oil. You can always reduce your consumption of mayonnaise or sour cream while making healthy snacks by replacing a great percentage of it with non sweetened yogurt. The dishes not only become rich in proteins but contain less calorie and fat even though you get a creamy and indulgent feeling.
Don’t forget to include canned olives in your monthly shopping list. They have long shelf life and they can jazz up a variety of dishes. Make healthy snacks with olives as they have monounsaturated fats that are good for your heart. Once you train your taste buds you can get their full benefits without adding sodium. When you are planning to prepare a healthy breakfast for the family use olives in salads or stir them into pastas. They are great to cut your craving for salty items like chips.
We all know the benefits of honey and how you can replace or reduce use of refined sugar with it. So, always get your stock of organic honey from a reputed online store and it lasts in your cupboard for over a year. This versatile sweetener is also a cough soother and when you have children at home, let them have honey with few pieces of crushed ginger that will also boost their immunity against cold. Honey can be added in preparing healthy breakfast and salad dressings and marinades. While baking cakes or muffins, replace all purpose flour with whole-grain wheat and sugar with honey and this will reduce the baking temperature by almost 25 degrees. Sweet healthy snacks like pudding or custard can have this natural sweetener.
Then there are some common vegetables like beans, (chickpeas, black beans or the white ones) that are great source of protein and fibre. Healthy snacks like boiled chickpeas, with cucumber, onion and tomatoes spiced with lemon juice and rock salt can be prepared in ten minutes and you can serve them as healthy breakfast or even lunch as well and you do not need to have carbohydrates to accompany it.
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