The Significance of a Wood Flower Bouquet

Posted March 6, 2020 by AbbyClare

Various cultures and traditions put flowers on top as a symbolic message. Different cultures and religions have different customs but they all tend to express deep emotions through a wood flower bouquet.

Various cultures and traditions put flowers on top as a symbolic message. Different cultures and religions have different customs but they all tend to express deep emotions through a wood flower bouquet. The specimens they choose matter enormously. A certain type of plant can send one message as opposed to another. Another important characteristic is the general tones and combinations of colors. This is why when creating a sola flower bouquet careful attention is required. One would not want to send the wrong message at an unfitting event.

The Color Meanings in a Wood Flower Bouquet

Usually, the craft of working with flowers is called floral designs. One working in such a field would be called a florist. It is no easy task to gracefully put together a wood flower bouquet . The main purpose of it is to put create a pleasingly balanced composition. This guild goes back as far as ancient Egypt. It is no wonder why human beings are so tied up to flora symbolism. History is full of it. From religious books all the way to politic representations. It took some time to became a full-fledged job like it is today but still here it is. The main elements of a sola flower bouquet are: line, form, space, texture, and color. On the more artistic observations of the craft, one could argue that these are the most important aspects: balance, proportion, rhythm, contrast, harmony, and unity.

There is an enormous amount of styles in which a wood flower bouquet could be made. Just to touch a few:
• Botanical Style
• Garden Style
• Formal Linear
• Nosegay Corsage
• Japanese Style
• Western Style
• and so on.

Arguably, the most notable and influential styles to this day are the Western European and Asian styles. For example, the Ikebana style is a Japanese one and beholds a lovely concept behind it. It incorporates into a wood flower bouquet the main aspects of life: heaven, human, and earth. This is more conservative as opposed to the more liberal European style which emphasizes color and variety. Whichever style one might choose, the specimens introduced into an arrangement are of monumental importance. Every single specimen could express one certain idea, or a different one if combines with others. To better put things in perspective here are some example of specimen symbolism:

• Red roses – most often represent love, beauty, and passion. In nowadays culture it is the well-established standard in pop-culture. How many times have you seen lovers offer red roses to each other in movies? Probably hundreds of times.
• Poppies - are a symbol of consolation in unfortunate times. For example, they are suitable for a funeral or as a condolence offering. In many countries around the world, this particular flower is worn in order to commemorate soldiers who have passed away in war times.
• Irises – have a long connection with resurrection. In antique civilizations, they would be associated with spiritual connections.
• Daisies – they symbolize innocence. They are most suitable for lovely events such as a baby shower.

The Appearances of a Sola Flower Bouquet in Arts

Because of our inherited attraction to symbols, none should wonder when they realize about the very often appearance of a sola flower bouquet in arts. They are an extremely beloved subject when it comes to visual representation. Some of the most well-known paintings worldwide contain them in a form or another. Just to state a few of the grandmasters which have incorporated flowers in their works: Van Gogh with his trademark sunflowers and Monet with the famous water lilies. Another great environment in which a wooden flower bouquet would find its place is in photography. Lots of photographers around the world incorporate flowers into their shots or even more, they use them as the main attraction.

One of the most prominent times in which a wood flower bouquet would shine is the Victorian era. Those times are highly regarded from an artistic standpoint. Although they are delightfully depicted in paintings and such, they were mainly used to deliver messages that were hard to transpose into words. Some took this as some kind of silent dialogue. In this non-verbal communicative way, a sola flower bouquet could be used to answer “yes” or “no” questions. For example, if someone handed flowers with the right hand it would signify a “yes”. Doing so with the opposed hand only meant a resounding “no”. Other amazingly fine details were studied as well. Take the ribbon for example. If it was tied to the left it meant that the symbolism of the flower was addressed towards the giver. If tied to the opposite side, the meaning was intended for the receiver.

Most Famous Use

Generally, a flower bouquet is most famously used in weddings. For a bride, this day is probably one of the most important of her whole life. It will no wonder she will want to have a lovely flower piece near her. Nowadays people hire professional decorators or florists. Those take care of all the present symbolism necessities and arrangements. It is only natural. It is a complicated task but in the end, results are surely set to be stunning. Lots of other flowers are necessary for a wedding as well. For example, the groom’s chest flower or the best maid’s bouquet. For a bride, those are important aspects as well.

In the end, buying a sola flower bouquet for such a special event will prove worthwhile. Normal flowers lose freshness and are very hard to keep as a memory. Sola flowers never lose their appeal and can fundamentally be kept forever. Even if 20 years go by, a woman ca reminiscence about the happy moments she had at her wedding by physically feeling the same decoration she touched when it happened. This can also be applied to the rest of the guests as well. Handing them a small sola flower can go a long way.
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