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Posted March 6, 2020 by AbbyClare

The human species might reach the point of no return when it comes to mother Earth. The importance of making industries more and more environmentally friendly cannot be overstated.

The human species might reach the point of no return when it comes to mother Earth. The importance of making industries more and more environmentally friendly cannot be overstated. Every single person must take responsibility in his or her actions even if It comes down to the small day to day actions one does. For example, instead of buying natural flowers, one could buy sola flowers. This way he can keep and reuse them forever. As a bonus, a sola flower bouquet will never go bad and can be held as a memory forever.

The Place of Sola Flowers in Green Industries

To start from the very beginning, explaining how sola flowers  can make a change on the planet requires a certain understanding of the concept environment. A so-called thing is the surrounding of an organism or population. It also includes all the factors that have an influence on the survival, development, and evolution of everything inside it. It can be biotic or abiotic. These environments can vastly vary when it comes to size. Ranging from microscopic all the way to the global scale we humans somewhat grasp. Unfortunately, nowadays almost every type of environment is affected by how humans have evolved and lived their day to day routines.

One might wonder how could a simple concept as sola flowers make an impact. The secret lies inside the industry and the overall results. You could also think about buying a sola flower bouquet as a metaphor for all the habits that can turn green. First of all, by choosing to buy sola flowers you will change the bad habit of having living flowers or other plants be grown only to then be cut and live a few hours on a table. Sola is a very resistant type of material that can basically last a lifetime. By changing natural ones with this innovative and creative product it will make a green impact on the bio-scheme. The end result is also 100% eco-friendly. You will probably never have any good reason to throw a wood flower away (unless damaged), but even if you do, it will never be bad for the surrounding areas and organisms.

This concept can go further than just buying flowers. It can be applied to almost every product a human uses in his daily routine. For example, when you go out for coffee, bring your favorite reusable cup with you instead of always using plastic. To be more precise, plastic components that are specially designed for single use. Hundred of millions of tones of junk are daily thrown away. Lots of these millions do not get sorted out or are not even correctly disposed of creating further environmental and health hazards. Next time you have to attend an event or just buy a cup of coffee, go for the sola flowers and the reusable accessories.

Buying a Sola Flower Bouquet and Other Green Reusables 
Making small changes day by day will result in huge improvements over time. Having arranged a sola flower bouquet  is only a small part of what you could do. If you try and look around you, you will most likely be able to tell how much plastic you use. Even if you do not conscientiously think about it you have plastic somewhere in close proximity. Here are just a few of the place you can find plastic around the home:
•    Cereal boxes
•    Milk boxes
•    Metal cans (lined with plastic)
•    Personal care products – these usually are the heaviest in plastic products around.
•    Clothes
•    Cigarette filters
•    Glues
•    Chewing gum
•    Diapers
•    and so on.

If you would like to embrace a sola flower bouquet both physically and metaphorically in your life then you are on the right path. Searching for extremely durable things to alternate with plastic products is the first step. To help you in this honorable but tough journey here are some of the best choices around daily life:
•    Stainless steel – it is very tough and can easily be cleaned. It could be used in most needed situations ranging from food containers all the way to work instruments such as tool cases. You name it and stainless steel can do it.
•    Glass – this is one of the most amazing materials ever created by humans. Why? Because it can be infinitely recycled. Yes. Transform it as many times as you would like to and you can always go one more. It is very easy to maintain and keep clean. It is also the best way of storing liquids since the particles to not mingle with each other as in the case of plastic. If you keep liquid that you plan to drink in plastic for long enough, at one point the bottle will literally mix with the beverage.
•    Wood – nature blessed material. This is as eco as it could get. It is made by the Earth's eco-systems themselves. This is also why a sola bouquet will never fade in beauty or damage the environment.
•    Paper – back in the days most things were packaged in paper. It seems that this tradition has been lost in the times we live now. It is true that in order to create paper, trees have to be cut down but there is an upside to it. It is amazingly recyclable and if thrown away it will not damage the surroundings.

A great innovation in the technology of green materials is bioplastics. You might not believe this but scientists have managed to create biodegradable or even more amazingly, compostable plastic from natural substances. Usually, plastic is made of petroleum which is high in toxicity. In case you were wondering, the difference between biodegradable and compostable plastic is this: biodegradable just degrades down without damaging the soil; compostable plastic decomposes into nutritive minerals that nurture the soil. In other words, it literally improves the grounds in which it is buried away. So the next time you have an upcoming event in your life, keep all of the above in mind and go for the sola flower bouquet instead of the natural one.
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