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Pair of Lions Brass Sculpture - The Theme of Tales and Legends
This Lion brass statue, a simple form not involving any kind of intricacy yet revealing rare luster and a great finish, represents the most majestic of all animals.

December 13, 2021

Tortoise Lamp With Numerous Trellis Lamps Tikamgarh Bronze Wax Casting
A multitude of lamps to fill your space with light and sattvaguna. This classical-style Indian lamp would be a valuable addition to any traditional Indian home. It features a long stem of uniform thickness along the center.

October 13, 2021

Designer Floral Ritual Chowki with Elephant Legs - Brass Pedestal
A designer brass chowki in itself is an ornamental showpiece for your house corners; also it can be used as a pedestal for keeping deity sculptures or as a base for just decorating it with any other showpiece.

October 12, 2021