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Dabung Girl and SuperAvni Superheroes get together with Kamala Harris to save America in a new comic book
Dabung Girl and SuperAvni Superheroes get together with Kamala Harris to save America in a new comic book

June 19, 2021

Comics Books - How to Find Them
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February 1, 2021

Wizard Entertainment’s Wizard World Vault To Feature One-of-A-Kind Memorabilia Among New Offerings
Autographed Photos, Memorabilia, Posters, Unique Items Available Through Website

April 30, 2020

‘Deadpool’ Creator Liefeld, Marz, Gossett Head Creators At 2019 Wizard World Bay Area, Nov. 22-24
Fajardo, Wong, Wos, Farago, Garrity, Nguyen, 50+ Artists & Writers, Plus Numerous Local Creators Also In Artist Alley At Oakland Convention Center

November 1, 2019

Jones, Sayger, Lehner, Clark Among Top Creators At 2019 Wizard World St. Louis, April 5-7
Rick Burchett, Ryan Kincaid, Megan Withey, Trevor Mueller, Ty Templeton Plus 20 St. Louis Area Artists & Writers Also In Artist Alley At America’s Center

March 13, 2019

Sayger, Lehner, Cook, Ortiz Among Top Creators At 2019 Wizard World Cleveland, March 8-10
Jeremy Clark, Joe Wos, Plus Local Talent Roster of 20+ Led By John Sloboda, Shawn Coss Also In Artist Alley At Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland

February 12, 2019

Research Has Shown Comics Can Really Boost Child Literacy
Comic books have been shown to capture children’s interest for a range of reasons. Rather than being overwhelmed with pages of dense text, comic books burst with colours that immediately grab children’s interest.

October 6, 2018

The Dark Net, A Halloween Event Is Going To Take Place On October 24th At LA is organizing a Halloween party. People are excited with it.

October 16, 2014

Great News for Comic Book Fans...Titanium Launches 4 New Comic Titles!
The Ultimate stories of good vs evil! Desperate worlds on the brink of collapse! Heroes, Saviors, Villains and Wicked Despots in prolific battles! Journey into the new exciting world of Titanium Comics with a host of amazing characters

January 21, 2014

Titanium Comics Releases Four New Comics This Year
Titanium Comics is a division Titanium Publishing, LLC. Titanium Comics will head the company's comic division and oversee the production and launch new comic books from its comic library.

January 20, 2014

Koobismo.Com - Fan-Made Creations Without A Single Shade Of Grey promises to deliver high quality storytelling, parody and interview content for nerds, pop-culture enthusiasts and everyone interested in experiencing interesting stories

February 4, 2013