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Posted October 15, 2018 by eve2020

Massagers and More is a blog that provides detailed reviews of automated massagers (compression, percussion), and massage chairs. We do the leg work and dig into the details, so you don't have to!

Massagers & More has officially announced its arrival by launching a new blog. The website covers a breadth of topics including but not limited to:

1. Massage Chairs---Lead writer Eve posts weekly reviews of the best chairs on the market.

2. Massage 101---A knowledge based section that covers some of the most commonly asked massage questions!

3. Electric Massagers---In depth reviews of various electric massagers on the market. These include percussion devices, TENS units, compression massagers and much more!

What makes Massagers & More different from the thousand other massage review blogs?

One thing in particular: experience. Owner and founder of the site, Eve, is no stranger to massage. A massage enthusiast and fanatic in his own right, Eve recently decided to make an expensive investment: a massage chair. In his own words:

"There's a lot one has to think about before buying something as expensive as a massage chair. It's not something one buys on an impulse!".

Eve's journey of finding the right chair was one that happened over several months. It took a lot of time and online research before he decided to "splash the cash!". The inception of Massagers & More was created to help similar people find the right chair to suit their needs. Eve says this was his main objective with the site.

If you were to read the reviews on his site, you'd either be bored silly or piqued with deep interest. That's the sort of detail he gets into! If you're serious about getting a massage chair, this is obviously a good thing because the "devil is in the details" as is most often said!

But what are some important things you should look for before buying such a chair?

According to Eve, people should spend a lot more time deciding how much their willing to spend. He says "Too few people actually decide on a budget beforehand. Most look at what's out there, go with the flow, and end up spending $5K or upwards. It doesn't need to be this way as there are plenty of chairs for a reasonable price that do most of what the majority usually looks for!"

Once you've set your budget i.e. the dollar amount you're comfortable spending, you can start to look at other considerations. Rollers are the next thing you should consider.

"Rollers are a critical component to a massage chair. In fact, they could very well be the most important part of the entire contraption!"

At the current time, there are 3 different types of rollers:

1. 2 Dimensional Rollers---These rollers as the name suggests move in 2 orientations or dimensions. They move up/down and side to side.

2. 3 Dimensional Rollers---Similar to 2D rollers except these have an added dimension. They protrude in and out.

3. 4 Dimensional Rollers---Similar to 3D rollers except with 4D you get automatic speed control.

As far as realism is concerned, 4D rollers are the closest to replicate or mimic a therapist's hands. They are the most technologically advanced at this time, and as such, chairs with 4D rollers cost a lot of money.

Eve hopes to write a comprehensive massage chair guide in the not so distant future.

"This will be the mother of all guides! It's a guide I wish I had couple months ago when I was buying a chair. It's a guide that will put to bed all your questions." 

Stay tuned for such a guide! Till then you can check out Massagers & More by clicking the link below!

Massagers and More is a website that writes in depth massage chair reviews with the sole purpose of helping people find the "right" chair. The experience that comes from owning and using a massage chair is what differentiates lead writer Eve at Massagers and More from the rest. Does experience really matter? If you're planning on investing anything upwards of $1500, absolutely it does!

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