Corporate virtual credit cards and cross-border e-commerce

Posted August 1, 2022 by laotian360

Analyzing the advantages of corporate virtual credit cards in the cross-border e-commerce industry

What is a corporate virtual credit card?

First of all, what is a corporate credit card?

Corporate credit card is a kind of credit card for corporate users to facilitate the management of internal financial expenses, although it is a "credit card", but check the card header BIN, you will find that most of the card headers are Credit type, a few are Debit debit card type, the card level is basically Bussiness or Corporate corporate type.

What about the concept of "virtual credit card"? It is easy to understand, there is no physical card, the card issuer only provides the card number, expiration date, CVV number information. Because most of the transactions are now online network transactions, offline physical card consumption scenario is less and less, the card issuer default also does not provide physical card, but if necessary, you can still apply for the production of physical card.

What are the advantages of corporate virtual credit cards compared to personal credit cards?

Corporate virtual credit cards support unlimited issuance of cards, while we personally go to the bank to apply for credit cards, usually each bank to approve a ten eight may not apply again to approve the card.

Corporate virtual credit cards have larger single spending limits, some corporate cards can spend up to $200,000 or unlimited single spending!

Corporate virtual credit cards are more likely to be accepted for payment than personal cards due to the card type Bussiness, and may also enjoy some benefits in certain payment scenarios.

Analysis of corporate virtual credit card applications in the cross-border e-commerce industry

The corporate card mentioned here is the corporate card of VISA MasterCard Express card organization.

The cross-border e-commerce industry is a market with huge cross-border payment demand. With the explosion of cross-border e-commerce in recent years, the cross-border payment supporting industry has been greatly driven, but as of now, it still cannot meet the growing demand in the cross-border e-commerce field.

Let us cite a few common cross-border e-commerce payment scenarios.

For example, the boss is doing Amazon stores, first of all, open a store to deduct the monthly rent need foreign currency credit card, if the store is their own, then use their own personal credit card to tie the card debit certainly does not matter, as a large company, operating dozens of hundreds of stores, then the boss with their own personal credit card is not convenient, right!

For example, it is to do FB, Tik Tok advertising to attract traffic to the independent site of e-commerce, must also be bound to foreign currency credit card debit advertising fees, the same bulk account operations, or large advertising expenses, personal cards or inconvenient.

For example, if you are doing purchase orders, the corporate card has a large spending limit and unlimited open cards, again, the personal card cannot be compared.

For example, even if the general company expenditure management, if the unified use of enterprise virtual card procurement, from the background of a key to export the month's consumption details, for the finance department is not very convenient.

How to apply for a corporate virtual credit card to open an account?

We recommend that you consult with Tianic, a professional corporate virtual credit card consulting agency.

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