Zero start makeup –Step8:Cheek color

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In the past 7 steps, the base face makeup is already finished, let us summarize and then see how to choose a cheek color for yourself and how to use it according to your own conditions.

In the past 7 steps, the base face makeup is already finished, let us summarize and then see how to choose a cheek color for yourself and how to use it according to your own conditions.
Before putting on makeup, wash your face thoroughly and remove dirt, if you can exfoliate it or use a massage cream to stimulate the circulation of your face.
Can apply protect wet mask or instantaneous glorious maintains taste, do good in advance nurse maintains, let skin "unripe and reborn", the color makeup action after perfect undertake.
Brush top color bottom makeup article, correct first, change bad skin tone.
Use the foundation that contains protect wet, moist effect to set a bottom, such bottom makeup effect is thinner, moist.
At the laughing muscle, brush the blush on the edge of the face and ears.
Can use surplus powder brush from outside to inside again, dizzy catch more natural ruddy feeling.

How to choose blush color
1. Distinction of age
Young woman: appropriate chooses the cheek of shallow light color red, such as shallow red, pink, shallow orange, peach red and so on.
With circular brush in zygomatic place makes a circle gently or sweep cheek color is in place close to nose wing, can present young and lovely makeup look.
Middle-aged female: the brunet cheek color such as rose red, bean paste color, brick red is proper, can foil more dignified elegance.
2. Distinction of occasions
Apply light blush to work or go out during the day;
If attend dinner party, evening party when blush just appropriate chooses brunet.
Cheek color can make the effect of thinner face; pink blush adds richness to the face, orange, brown series can have intellectual, healthy feeling.
How to apply cheek color on different face type
1. Goose egg model face: like the elliptic curve of goose egg shape, basic drawing method is, smile and find zygomatic highest point, raise cheek brush next and draw a circle daub on two side of zygomatic.
2. Round face: When drawing blush on a round face, straight lines are applied to increase the sense of slender face. The blush is drawn with oblique lines, and the cheekbone is brushed toward the center of the face to create the Angle of the face.
3. Square face: square face presents square Angle, so on the use of cheek red, must with round lines to increase the soft sense of the face, draw the way of circle and brush the direction to the nose by cheekbone.
To make your cheeks more comely, use dark color to correct areas that are too large.
4. Long face: face shape is long, cheek color should be brushed in the cheeks of the more outside, with horizontal brush for better.
Cannot brush to be in lower than nose tip, because the face with long thin, cheek color must brush smooth circle some, brush toward the ear, in visually can increase the width of the face, reduce facial ministry to give too long effect.
5. Positive triangle face: in two cheek brush some taller, some longer, with oblique brush advisable.
6. Inverted triangle face: blush must be deepened in the zygomatic part. Use deep tones to mask out high cheekbones so they are not too obvious.

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