Why our eyelashes shading when wash face?

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Every morning when I wash my face, I always find that I have lost a few eyelashes on my towel. If I accidentally drop my eyelashes into my eyes, I have to spend a lot of time to deal with them.

Every morning when I wash my face, I always find that I have lost a few eyelashes on my towel. If I accidentally drop my eyelashes into my eyes, I have to spend a lot of time to deal with them.
Why we drop eyelash when washing a face after all? Is it the wrong way we used when washing face? Or wash too hard? Before I go bald, will I go bald with my eyelashes first?
In fact, it is true that lashes fall out because you haven't washed your face properly, but don't worry, your eyes won't go bald from losing lashes. Eyelashes have the shortest lifespan of all the hairs on the human body.

The average lifespan of an eyelash is 3-5 months. When an eyelash is dead, it will fall off naturally, but it will grow back in about a week. The length of a week's growth is about 2mm, and after another 10 weeks, the new eyelash will be the same as the original length. Accordingly, below natural condition, the growth rate of eyelash is greater than fall off speed.

Generally speaking, abnormal or frequent shedding of eyelashes is mostly due to mites. Mites are mainly active in hair follicles and sebaceous glands, with skin debris and glandular secretions as food sources, and the meibomian gland at the root of eyelashes is an important part of oil excretion, so eyelashes and meibomian glands become a warm paradise for mites.
It usually takes about half a month for demodex to complete its life cycle, which means that in 15 days, a mite will lay 50 eggs in your eye.
If the mites are not removed in time, they will rapidly multiply in the eyes, by engulfing the epithelial cells of hair follicles, causing hair follicles to expand, resulting in a series of problems such as eyelash shedding, disorderly growth, red and itchy eyes, and even all kinds of inflammation. If it affects the cornea, it can lead to vision loss and even blindness.
Now that we know it's mites, we need to clean it up. So how just is correct wash a face way?
1. Use warm boiled water.
Wash your face with warm water to open pores, and then use a cleanser to thoroughly clean your face.
2. Clean the root of eyelashes.
After you've washed your face, dip a cotton pad in non-irritating baby shampoo and apply 10 circles to each eye, then rinse with water.
3. Cold water again.
After cleaning, dry your face with a clean towel, and then rinse with cold water to close the pores.
Of course, washing your face correctly is just a matter of daily cleaning, and there are other things to do to eliminate mites:
1. Eat 300g~500g vegetables and fruits every day, and eat less spicy, stimulating and greasy food. Light diet, eat more fruits and vegetables will reduce oil secretion in the body, reduce the breeding of mites.
2. Every 1 hour of eye use, should rest for 10 minutes. Excessive use of the eyes, the eyes are easy to fatigue, will make people unconsciously rub the eyes with their hands, thus bringing external bacteria into the eyes.
3. Wash bedding with hot water once a month. Demodex mites die at 54℃ and can be soaked and cleaned in hot water above 54℃.
4. Wipe your eyes once a day with acaroid wipes. When mites are too much, mite removing wipes or special eyelid margin cleaning wipes can be used to wipe the eyes, which can better clean eyelid margin.
5. Do a deep eyelid cleaning.
Clean the eyelid skin with eyelid cleaning solution, and then clean the eyelid margin with the sponge brush head of the high-speed rotating eyelid margin cleaner. Repeat for 2-4 times each on the upper and lower eyelid margins, lasting 15-20 seconds. Can remove eyelid and eyelash root secretions, scab, grease, etc., keep eye clean health, and prevent eye diseases.

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