Why Eyelash extension is more important than Nail?

Posted August 6, 2021 by zy279984311

Manicure is a high frequency of consumption, but because of the high cost of time, even if there’re crowd customers, cannot earn much money.

Manicure is a high frequency of consumption, but because of the high cost of time, even if there’re crowd customers, cannot earn much money.
Is there an item that has a high price and is consumed frequently by customers? Yes, that is the eyelash extensions.
Today Our lash will be with you to analyze, why eyelash extension items are becoming so popular.
From the customer's perspective:
1. The effect of grafting eyelash extensions is extremely obvious and easy to be "addicted".
The reason why the beautiful girls in the animation all have big eyes which are different from ordinary people is that the proportion of eyes in the face is larger, and people will look cute and cute. Eyes, as an important part of the appearance level, will not change a little but quite a large change after grafting eyelash extensions.
Visually magnify the proportions of the eyes, and the effect is immediate.
Eyelash becomes curl and shaped, the eye shows bigger and spirit, even the female of single eyelid also can hold out the effect of double eyelid, follow is, whole person also can become confident and charming!
When the validity period is over and the grafted eyelashes are gone, you will feel that your eyes are without spirit. This kind of falling sense from the goddess to the female loser instantly makes many customers have second and third continuous consumption after finishing the first eyelash extensions.
2. Healthy grafts don't damage your eyelashes.
Professional beautiful eyelash grafting, not beyond the bearing range of their own eyelashes, grafting technology and products are also guaranteed (bulk eyelashes), so it will not damage their own eyelashes, without any impact on their own safety, so customers will always continue to consume.
From the characteristics of the project:
1. Learning eyelash extension threshold is low, but the selling price of this service is high.
Compared to the various styles of nail art, there are many products and tools to buy, and they need to be updated constantly. The threshold of starting an eyelash business is low, does not need too many auxiliary products and tools, the service process is simple, and the technology is standardized, so the technical training time needs is very short, and it is easy to get started.
The operation time is also about an hour; manicure charge is generally $30-$80, while eyelash extension charges $100-$300. Spend the same amount of time, get a higher income.
2. Eyelash extension is high frequency consumption
Eyelash extension is not a permanent project. With the metabolism of eyelashes, the grafted eyelashes will also fall off. After falling, the contrast between before and after is great, and the "poisoning" index of customers is quite high. It can be said that eyelash grafting is the most able to lock customers in the beauty industry project.
3. Eyelash extension has no off-season.
Compared to the peak season of nail art, beautiful eyelashes are suitable for all the year round. Eyes are the most visible part of the face. Even in winter, if you wear a mask, gloves and wrap yourself tightly, you need to show your eyes to see the way.
Based on the above sharing, we should be able to clearly see the market and prospects of eyelash extensions, everyone in the blindly study nail, will be excessive competition, learn eyelash extension is your corner overtaking, stand out of the game to break the sharp weapon.

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