Some tips to make your eyelash growing thicker and volume

Posted April 9, 2020 by zy279984311

Ourlash summarized some tips that advised by net friends on how to make your own eyelash grow thicker and volume, without further ado, let’s get down to business now.

Ourlash summarized some tips that advised by net friends on how to make your own eyelash grow thicker and volume, without further ado, let’s get down to business now.

1. Aloe juice
Believe everybody have known the hairdressing effect of aloe, besides it can protect skin, smear it on eyelashes can make eyelash grow thicker and volume. But use aloe to daub eyelash have a drawback, it is easy to cause the phenomenon that the eye appears dropsy, so when you don’t go out often you can try aloe, currently during the virus situation it’s a chance.
In addition, everybody also can use fresh aloe juice directly, use cotton swab to dip after its daub is above eyelash, insist to daub every night can have quite warped eyelash easily.

2. Vitamin E or vitamin D
A few vitamins in the life also can make eyelash become more become warping, for example vitamin E and vitamin C.
Prick the vitamin and then use cotton swab dip its fluid daub to eyelash root, need to stick to daub every night for a period of time then you will have the pretty eyelashes.

3. Cod liver oil
The cod liver oil that is very common in everyday life also has the effect that promotes hair to grow, daub of cod liver oil in eyelash root, also can promote its growth, insist to use for a period of time can have quite warp-eyelash.

4. Tea
Because tea water contains rich tea polyphenol, this kind of composition also can promote the growth rate of eyelash effectively, let eyelash become quite warped thereby.
So at ordinary times also can use cotton swab to dip the right amount of overnight tea, and then apply it evenly on the top of the eyelashes, just need to wet eyelashes, do not smear too much, otherwise it is easy to cause the liquid into the eye.
In addition, also can apply tea pack directly above the eye, hold to a month or so probably, can see his eyelash becomes warped easily.
5. Eyelash growth fluid
If want to achieve faster let eyelash become warped, so you can also use eyelash to grow fluid directly. The product contains an enzyme that is made up of 10 amino acids and is one of the building blocks of human proteins. And this enzyme can also effectively speed up the growth of eyelashes, so that our eyelashes become more warped.
But what needs everybody to notice a bit is the eyelash that there are a lot of people on market at present stage grows fluid to be fake, so everybody needs to go to formal bazaar or be makeup shop when buying.

6. Vaseline
Vaseline this kind of product believed everybody to also be very familiar with, at ordinary times use it daub eyelash, also can make eyelash become long effectively, make eyelash become more stand become warping thereby.
However, we need to pay attention to one point is not to overdo it, otherwise it is easy to stimulate our eyeballs, and our eyes will be damaged.

However all the above methods need a period of time to realize, if you want to have charming eyes easily there are more and more choice is here for you: you can make eyelash extensions or apply different kinds of eyelash strips, but remember to choose good quality ones, Ourlash can provide you with all the qualified lashes you want, Ourlash is eyelash manufacturer and eyelashes wholesalers who deal with top quality materials and technology in lashes.
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