Some advice to the lash artists who are about to resign

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This is Our Lash.
A clever eyelash artist not only keeps the most beautiful first impression when they arrive at the store, but also pay attention to the last one when they leave the store.
For you know very well in your heart that a person's character and ability are the result of others, not of boasting.
Compared to bragging, positive comments from the owner, manager, and colleagues of your previous eyelash store can help you build a good foundation for your next store and other stores, as well as a good first impression for a new one.
Such conduct and work attitude, will also let you go on the career road, the farther, and the better.
It is hoped that every lash artist should collect this article, read it carefully and repeatedly, and then think deeply about himself and learn to manage his last impression.

01 First impressions and last impressions are important

Every job in this world, from start to finish, should be taken seriously. However, many people focus so much on making a good first impression that they forget to make the last one when they leave. Resignation means that there is no responsibility, no restricted by the rules and regulations of the former company/store, and no longer have human relations with the former company/store. So, in this special period, how do lashes artist deal with the relationship with the boss, store manager and colleagues? Whether you make trouble in the shop or stick to it to the last moment can best reflect the character and magnanimity of a eyelashes artist.
A person with poor conduct and low capacity only considers problems from his own point of view and only considers her immediate interests. After leaving her job, he may leave her shop in a mess.
A person with good moral character will consider problems from the perspective of the company/store and consider the common interests of everyone. She can do a good job of work handover before and after leaving without causing trouble to others.
02. Hold the line. Pick up your responsibility
Your exit reveals the essence of your character. Your character, your capacity, your vision, and your work ethic all reveal themselves. If you don't change and improve yourself, even if you go to a new city or a new eyelash store, the results will not make any difference.
I once talked with an eyelash salon owner about the resignation of lash artists. Like many shop owners, she was very worried that employees would suddenly resign one day. After all, learning technology from zero is funded by the shop, and the cost of training a technician is very high.
Worry about it, but it will come, said the shopkeeper. Although she signed a contract with the lash artist, when they really want to leave, there is no way to stop it; such a little liquidated damage cannot make up for the loss caused by their leaving. However, I was surprised and moved by the performance of a different lash artist.
Lucy, the most popular lash artist in the store, applied for resignation because she was going to another city with her husband to get married. The shopkeeper tried to persuade her to stay again and again, but Lucy still insisted on leaving.

However, Lucy said: boss, thank you for your recognition and training of me. My contract period is two years, and now it is exactly one year. Now I propose to leave, which is a violation of the contract, and the liquidated damages that should be paid will be directly deducted from my salary. In addition, my leaving now will have some impact on the store, so I will work for another three months, hoping to train a new lash artist to take over my position during this period.
Later, Lucy continued to work in the store for three months and helped train a new lash artist. Before leaving, she explained to all the customers and handled everything in a good way. "Later, I didn't ask for any damages from her, and I paid her regular wages," the owner said.
In the face of interests, Lucy chose to do things according to the rules out of her sense of morality and responsibility, and did all the after-care work well, so as not to cause trouble to the store and others. She chose to lose herself rather than let the store lose, and there was a happy ending in the end. Half a year after leaving her job, she became the manager of a beauty shop in another city.

03. A good beginning is a good ending
As a lash artist, you can't always work in the same store. You may change jobs, change cities, or start your own business, so you will have many quits.
A person of good moral character should not only make a good first impression, but also keep a good last impression. Maybe you can leave your last store and still be good friends with your former colleagues.
To finish well, on the road of life, will go further and further, will go better and better.

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