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Dear lash artists, is the first thing you say to a new customer when they come in the door appropriate? Do you remember, in order to be polite, are you used to this kind of opening line?

Dear lash artists, is the first thing you say to a new customer when they come in the door appropriate? Do you remember, in order to be polite, are you used to this kind of opening line?
"Hello, welcome!"
"What would you like to do today?"
"How can I help you?"
These statements are very common, but do these opening lines actually benefit you as an eyelash artist?
If the customer is interested in doing lash extensions, she ends up choosing another lash store (maybe right next door to you!) because the lash artist fails to attract her. Isn’t it a pity?
Then, let's talk about how to attract customers' attention in a short time.
01. Simple and clear, highlight the brand of the store
Here's a very simple example:
"Hello, welcome to Our Lash!"
This sentence has a brand suffix compared with the "Hello, welcome" you often hear, but it can make customers have an impression of your eyelash store and brand. This kind of publicity method is very direct, very real, the customer is personally on the scene, hear with his own ears, the brand impression naturally also deeper.
Of course, the customer may not make an immediate decision after hearing what you say. She may well go to the eyelash store she prefers. However, if the customer's experience is not as good as they expected, they are more likely to consider moving to another eyelash store. At this time, the eyelash artist's sentence "Welcome to Our Lash store" can come into play.

02. Give them a reason to stay
Now the eyelash extension is very hot, the market is very competitive, plus customers are always smart, do not forget to shop around. So it's crucial to capture the customer's heart. But how do lash artists express and do so as to firmly grasp the hearts of customers?

1) The introduction of products/services should be "new"
When we say "new", we mean that when introducing a product or service, we don't forget to emphasize the updated or changed parts of the product or service.
Why mention "new"? Because most people are easy to be interested in new things, if the lash artist can highlight the key points and describe the new and strong products, technologies or services in his or her store, customers will be more likely to "buy your product". Emphasize the features of the product and enhance the impression of customers.
If the product or technology is not completely new, but rather innovative, you can say something like: "This (eyelash/grafting technology/grafting product) is similar to X, but with some innovations and improvements on X."
After listening to the introduction of a lash artist, customers will naturally come to the conclusion that this is something new or innovative in some way. Guiding customers to generate such ideas can deepen customers' impression of the products, technologies or service norms provided by the stores.

In addition, it should be noted that if the customer has some mistakes in understanding or does not agree with what you say, the lash aritst can choose to identify and guide her first, rather than rushing to deny her and make her feel lose face. This will make the communication more pleasant and harmonious.

2) If there are activities, explain them clearly
"Our eyelash wholesale shop is doing some activities!"
When it comes to activities, words like "discount" come to mind. But with so many events on the market, customers may be numb to the word "event." Therefore, in this case, we must clarify the advantages and characteristics of the activities, highlight the special features of the activities of the eyelash store, emphasize the highlights of the activities that are different from other stores, and really catch the attention of customers.

3) Emphasize the number of activities, the date, create a hot atmosphere.
Here's an example:
A lash brand launched a reward activity, a limited time to grab 7 "free opportunity to experience eyelash services". As soon as this activity was launched, the response of customers was very strong. During the activity, many customers specially set alarm clocks for this purpose, in order to get stuck and grab a spot. The event received a warm response, no doubt because it highlighted both the "limited quota" and the "activity node". In order not to miss such opportunities, customers will naturally actively participate in the activities. This will naturally drive the flow of the lash shops.

A good beginning is half the battle, and a good opening can leave a better and more lasting impression on your potential customer. Even if she doesn't this time, she may remember you the next time she wants to get lash extensions.

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