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There are reasons for saying "cheap" or "expensive". As a lash artist, we should not let customers simply say "cheap" or "expensive".

There are reasons for saying "cheap" or "expensive". As a lash artist, we should not let customers simply say "cheap" or "expensive". Be sure to understand what the customer is reading between the lines, what is the subtext behind the "price is too high", understand the subtext, will not misjudge.
Scene: you enthusiastically introduce the set meals, products and services of lash artists to the customer. When the price is quoted at last, the customer has two kinds of feedback.
Realizing: 'Sorry, this eyelash is so cheap.'
Customers who say your eyelash extensions are cheap may have the following two psychology. First, they really think your price is cheap, but such cheap eyelash may make her feel unsafe.
Second, she thinks your price is expensive, so she deliberately says it is cheap, which is often driven by the strong sense of self-esteem of the customer.

Situation 2: "Huh? That's a bit expensive."
Customers who say your eyelashes are expensive may have the following three psychology.
First, the price is higher than that of another shop, but the quality and service of eyelashes are really distinctive.
Second, she has not experienced the products and services you introduced, or do not know much about it, so want to think about it, is also the performance of insecurity;
Third, you introduce the customer is single grafting, in fact, she wants to flower grafting.
As a lash artist, when the customer says "cheap", it means that the possibility of a deal is very low. When a customer says "expensive," he is trying to find out where you are. In other words, there is still a chance of a deal.
Since the customer said that there is a possibility of transaction, it means that there is a subtext behind the "expensive". When the eyelash artist understands these subtexts, the transaction rate may be greatly improved.

Subtext one: The price is a little higher than that of the other place, but the quality and service are really unique
Generally speaking, customers have the habit of shopping around, so when customers say that “Expensive Lash Extensions”, it is not a casual statement, but before this has gone to other shops around the experience. However, at this point in time, she finds the quality of the products and service of your eyelash store good on the one hand, and the price is too high on the other, so it is difficult for her to make a decision. In fact, think from the customer purchase stage, at this time the customer has included your eyelash store in the "evaluation and selection" stage.
As the lash store, at the critical moment of customer evaluation and selection, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of her selection criteria, strengthen product advantages, technical features and service quality, weaken the price, and compare the products, technologies and services of competitors until a deal is reached.
Subtext Two: She don't know much about the product or service you are introducing, so she want to think about it again, which is also a sign of insecurity
Obviously, what customers care about is not the price, but the product and service. "It would be embarrassing to decide to buy something and then find out you made the wrong decision," she says to herself. We can collectively refer to these unexplained concerns of customers as negative consequences. The customer does not speak out their concerns (negative consequences) directly to the lash artist. However, it does not mean that the lash artist can ignores these factors. Another way to think about it, if you can directly remove the negative consequences of the customer's thinking, then, she will be more motivated to make a decision to buy on the spot, the possibility of a deal will be greater.
Subtext Three: You're introducing a single graft to a customer, but she wants a healthy graft
Customer A experienced it for the first time when he came to the store. The lash technician introduced single grafting according to the standard procedure, but the customer asked: can your grafting guarantee that it will not hurt the eye skin and make the eyeball allergic? Then the lash artist keeps avoiding the topic, because the lash artist is not sure whether a single grafting is necessarily a healthy grafting. (After all, in the experience of the lash aritst, there have been allergies.)
At this time, in view of the customer's doubts, we need to dispel, how to answer?
Prerequisite: Do not commit 100%, because eyelash glue, private label lash extensions , grafting techniques, disinfection procedures, customer skin sensitivity and other nodes can cause allergies or damage to the eye skin, so need to circumvent tactics.
First, our grafting technique is a single 1.5mm away from the root, grafting because of a safe distance, so even if the false eyelash become tilted root, will not be tied to your eyelid;
Second, every eyelash technician here has been trained professionally for 6 months, and everyone's techniques are unified to ensure that they are responsible for every eyelash.
Third, we use low smell SKY lash glue without solvent, as long as you are not allergic skin, it will not cause harm to your skin, and the firm degree can be maintained in 40-60 days.
In addition, if you do not know whether your skin is allergic, we can help you to do a skin allergy test before grafting, if the test result is allergic, we have two options, one is not grafting, the other is to use our non-sensitive glue.
I think that after saying that one, two, three or four, the customer will no longer have any problems with health grafting, you can deal.
Expensive is just excuse for customers. Make clear the subtext behind, is to dig out the real needs of customers, when we combine the needs of customers with their own store products, words will naturally come out, the concerns of customers will not exist.
The premise is that every lash artist should know whether their products, techniques and services can help customers solve these problems.
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