Smart electronic scales are becoming more and more popular

Posted June 9, 2021 by zhengtai

The electronic scale itself is designed for gravity compensation.

The electronic scale itself is designed for gravity compensation. For example, the RS series electronic scale produced by the Ruisai electronic scale manufacturer can directly input the gravity acceleration of the place of use, which is automatically processed by the chip for remote calibration. The manufacturer uses the electronic scale itself to set a set of binary numbers. Switch, by changing the state of the switch to change the magnification, to correct the error caused by the change of gravitational acceleration, it can also be adjusted with a potentiometer.

Electronic scale manufacturers test the inaccurate solution of electronic scales

The inaccuracy of the measurement by the electronic scale manufacturer is not only related to the above-mentioned error, but also the gravitational acceleration will also affect the accuracy of the measurement. According to the principle of mechanics, the weighing can be divided into the dynamic effect of the force and the static force of the force. Effect weighing. The manufacturer makes the electronic scale weighing using the static field effect, the static effect weighing, also known as the gravity deformation method, is the use of the deformation or internal stress of the elastic body under the action of gravity to determine the amount of gravity value. Since electronic scale manufacturers use gravity to calibrate, the displayed result is weight, so if the value of gravitational acceleration varies from place to place, the display value of the same scale between the two places will be different. The final measurement result is related to the acceleration of gravity, and we now mainly use smart electronic scales. Let us understand how the development and changes have come step by step.

Intelligent electronic scale

There are large and small items in our lives, and the things we need to weigh are also different in size. We don't need to buy large and small scales for weighing, because we have smart electronic scales. It has a total of multiple weight counters of different colors, each of which can weigh about eighty-two kilograms of items. It can weigh a lot of things. It is also very simple to use. You only need to press its surface to turn it on, and then place an object to start it. You can see the accurate weight. Because the scale is relatively small, you can use a scale for weighing when the object to be weighed is not large, and when the object to be weighed is too large, you can place the electronic scale on the ground and place the heavy object on the ground. On the scale.

Electronic scale connection APP

Then download the corresponding APP through the mobile phone and you can see that the application has added the weight of the three parts together, so that the user can accurately know the weight of the object. We can grasp the calorie and nutritional information of a certain ingredient through the APP. This electronic scale also has a strong waterproof function, even if the scale is accidentally pushed into the pool by us, it will not be damaged, but will continue to work normally. Their size is relatively small, and the base also has a magnetic force, which can prevent loss and can be easily stored. The charging method can be carried out using USB.

The development of electronic scales is keeping up with the pace of the times. For more product information, please click here:
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