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This article informs their readers about the importance of books and how they can impact the life of a child and their surroundings.

It seems so difficult to flourish the idea in a child that “books are the best friend” to this Tec freak Generation. In the world where we are always concerned about the child’ growth but there is one side which we always ignore as a working parent is the MENTAL HEALTH of the child. As a responsible guardian and society, it's our duty to build a new world where a child is mentally healthy and sound.

Why a magazine is important for a child:
We are surrounded by technology and its getting into our child’s life even at a faster speed because this generation is coming in the world where technology has already paralyzed their elder generation. But we should understand that a child’ mind and body is very different from an adult. They are in their learning phase however every human will always under the process of learning but the clay modeling of a child is always easy. If we will show them the room of technology and smartphones they will never understand the value and benefits of studying in a traditional pattern.
Learning how to read is vital to a child’s ability to succeed in school subjects and as well as in life. Magazines and comics offer advantages with a different form of learning. In today’s fast-paced world, learning can reach very effectively to the children and adults in the form of magazines and comics. Magazines are colorful, venturous, and fun. They can develop a sparking imagination in a child and can also encourage more reading.

How a magazine can help a child:

Every phase of life is very important and should be used properly to let grow all the skills that can formulate the basics of the brain during that period. Children faced explosive physical, mental and social growth, and have an impatient curiosity about the world around them. Magazines are capable of entering into a child’s world to make them aware of the valuable information
Puzzles are the best form of games for children. Puzzles can be a good brain exercise for every child from their childhood to right there in adulthood and in the two late 90s. We have seen the way this game of puzzle has unfold some hidden talents of the child.
Puzzles have also been a very important educational learning tool for young children as they help to develop many skills and mental capabilities.

Criss Cross puzzles are also a type of puzzle which always comes with some sort of instructions which can help to develop reading capabilities and to look on every fine detail. These magazines like SQUIZZ WORLD always aims to develop a good and new habit in the child. This kind of mental exercises allows the secretion of a hormone known as the dopamine which helps the children to develop the skills of reasoning, logical thinking etc.

Book Reading is a very good habit for everyone because as said by the leaders “A good book leads to a good life”. So it's important to develop the habit of book reading from an early age so that a child, who is future of the country and the world can develop a positive society. Words are magic, which can show their effects with time.

There are hundreds of exercise in the form of games like Magic square, phrases, and idioms, pattern search, word search, puzzle grid, jumble letters, an anagram.
Positive effects of the reading it has proven that reading can create positive effects in the life of the child and can improve focus as a child goes through many distractions. It also promotes a longer attention span and also helps in building listening skills.
Every kid is like a plant and their

Creativity is a flower which needs to give a favorable atmosphere to flourish.these magazines which provide every kind of creativity can help the child to recognize their interest and hobbies and help to develop them.

How to select a good magazine for your child You should always look for the land theirazine for the magazinequisitSQUIZZngster. A right magazine in the right way can foster a lifetime love for reading in your young child. The magazines should always inspire the curiosity of the changes The parents should check the websites properly to look that what the magazines are information up to your quality parents too. Well said by someone if you are paying for something it should be worth for the children and their future.

A magazine like SQUIZZ WORLD, who understands the bond between a child and the parent is very unique which goes through many ups and downs, but in the downs, one thing that never changes is the parent’s concern for the child. So the content of the magazine should be information which can help the parents to make that bond even stronger by understanding the different developmental stages of mind and body which every child goes through. This kind of informative sections in the magazine explains about every positive and negative impact of their surroundings to provide an atmosphere of learning.
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