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Tuition Agency Singapore - Are You Looking for a home tuition agency? We are the No.1 Home Tutor provider for Assignment in Singapore. Contact us now!

Home tuition agency
Tuition Agency Singapore - Are You Looking for a home tuition agency? We are the No.1 Home Tutor provider for Assignment in Singapore. Contact us now!
Chinese tuition Singapore
home tutor Singapore
home tutor Singapore
Looking for Chinese Tutor in Singapore? Send us a tutor request now!
Do you want to learn and excel in the Chinese language? Are you looking for a good home Chinese tutor who is able to provide effective Chinese tuition in Singapore? TutorBee is one of the most trusted Chinese tuition agency in Singapore. Whether you’re taking PSLE, O-Level or A-Level Chinese, we’ll cover your needs! Chinese tuition Singapore
We have a strong team of Chinese MOE-teachers and experienced private Chinese tutors who have great experience working in Chinese education jobs, teaching the Mandarin Chinese language to all levels from kindergarten, primary school Chinese to secondary school and junior college higher Chinese. Our tutors offer a reasonable Chinese tutor hourly rate… so forget about Chinese tuition centres.
Request a 1-to-1 private Chinese tutor from us today!
On a practical level, much of our Singaporean population speak Mandarin Chinese. On a day-to-day basis, knowing Chinese is definitely useful whether it is ordering a bowl of noodles from the stall auntie, to chatting with the taxi driver about current affairs. Bring proficient in the Chinese language also means that we can communicate well with the older generation, most of whom don’t understand any English.
Particularly, if you are a foreigner residing in Singapore, we highly recommend you hire an experienced Chinese language tuition teacher to give you some basic Chinese tuition lessons. Even if you don’t have Chinese examinations, knowing Chinese well will definitely help you become much more relatable to the locals, as today a significant portion of Singaporeans teenagers still use Chinese as a mode of communication. home tuition singapore
Let’s Not Forget the Cultural Significance of Chinese
Although English is the standard medium of communications in Singapore, one would definitely not appreciate the full extent of life in Singapore without having a good grasp of the Chinese language. Although a few decades has passed since our ancestors from China set their foot, Chinese has remained and will continue to be very relevant in our daily life.

Let’s begin with a Chinese idiom. The Chinese idiom 饮水思源 [yǐn shuǐ sī yuán] is quite a popular and commonly used expression.The meaning of this idiom is that one should never forget where he came from and should never separate himself from his roots. It is the right thing to do to appreciate your ancestral roots and to embrace the Chinese heritage culture, just as one should not forget the source of the water that they drink from. In a deeper meaning, it implies gratitude for blessings, to be thankful and to repay the blessings you have received. Tuition agency Singapore
As you can see, the Chinese language is one that is extremely profound. To apply this particular idiom, we as Singaporeans should not forget that our ancestors sailed all the way from China and worked their hats off in order to establish the great nation we have today. We cannot lose our identity as Asians and as the offspring of our Chinese ancestors. This is why Chinese tuition is becoming increasingly important, and Chinese remains a compulsory subject. Despite being difficult, our children continue to study hard at it and use Chinese tuition to propel them forward.
Lose Out Without Good Chinese Tuition in Singapore
Let’s take a closer look at the importance of Chinese on a global scale. More than 1 in 5 people in the world speaks Mandarin Chinese as their native language. China, with a population of 1.3 billion, is the largest market in the world and is speculated to become the largest economy in the world soon. With globalization, opportunities to work abroad and business partnerships with China are a huge possibility.Without a good grasp of Chinese, you and your child will be at a great disadvantage. In a way, choosing not to have a good Chinese tutor to provide Chinese tuition for your kid could mean severely shortchanging his or her future prospects!
Why limit your potential? Singapore is a global hub and is often seen as the link between western markets and Asian markets. Bring proficient is Chinese is nearly an absolute must if one intends to do business or work internationally. In fact, there are more and more mandarin tutors and Chinese tuition for adults. Multinational companies are even beginning to conduct interviews in both English and Chinese!
Whether you are a child or an adult, TutorBee Tuition Agency recommends Chinese Tuition if you are weak or seek a better understanding at this wonderful profound language. We bring to the table our qualified mandarin Chinese tutors who are experienced and eager to help you do well in Chinese.
To finish off, a famous Chinese story 磨杵成针 (mó chǔ chéng zhēn) Grinding an Iron Pestle into a Needle, tells the story of famous poet Li Bai who met an old woman who was determined to grind an iron pestle into a needle. The story teaches us the spirit of perseverance and that success comes to those who do not give up. Today, you or your child may be struggling with Chinese. Do not give up!
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