Food Therapy: Using Nature’s Medicine

Posted March 30, 2015 by wholisticmedicaluk

People often experience non-specific symptoms and lead to some common ailments on their own. However, the article puts forth and justifies that fact that "before any medical aid, fresh food is nature's best medicine".

Are you plagued with non-specific symptoms? Perhaps you’re not unwell but you don’t feel well either? Brittle hair, bad skin, bleeding gums, fatigue and headaches are just a few of the ailments that people put up with, but before you reach for the medicine cabinet to pull out that packet of paracetamol, there is an alternative that is straight from mother nature herself: Food.

It may seem unbelievable but no one has ever died of a painkiller deficiency. Plenty of people have died of malnutrition and although we’re not starving, the effects of processed food, microwaving, pesticides and a diet low in fruit and vegetables mean that many of us are depleted of essential nutrients.
Natural, fresh food is nature’s medicine and through having a healthy diet and using specific food components and herbs to address issues can limit the need for pharmaceutical drugs and may sometimes prevent illness from starting in the first place. This is food therapy.

How Food Therapy could Help You

Water – If you have chronic migraines, the humble glass of water could be all it takes to break the cycle. Swapping cups of tea for glasses of water and making sure you stay hydrated is one way migraine sufferers are saying goodbye to their headaches.

Oily Fish – Oily fish contains vitamin D – a vitamin that is only available in fish, milk, margarine, fortified breakfast cereals or from exposure to the sun. As we don’t get a lot of sun in the UK, a large proportion of the population are vitamin D deficient. Adequate vitamin D helps your body to absorb calcium to keep your bones strong. It also has a protective effect against the flu. As well as providing vitamin D, fish oil boosts your brain power, helps you concentrate and lowers your risk of depression.

Bananas, Nuts and Wholegrains – Fruit, nuts and wholegrain can lower your blood pressure so if your readings are too high eating plenty of these food groups could help.

Broccoli, Garlic and other Greens – When your mother said they made you strong, she wasn’t wrong. Components in these vegetables can be used to prevent cancerous tumours from developing, or even to treat them. The vegetarian diet in particular has been shown to be a good anti-cancer diet.

Eggs – Eggs are full of protein and so they keep you fuller for longer, discourage snacking and may help you lose weight by helping you control your urges.

If you would like professional advice on food therapy in London, contact the Wholistic Medical Centre today.
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