THE U.S. Government has been abolished by THE PEOPLE

Posted April 6, 2021 by whod1982

Fear is obviously being used by governments to control the people and always has been.

The Peoples Bureau of Investigation (THE PBI) has concluded its investigation of the United States Government/The UNITED STATES CORPORATION. The PBI concluded that the U.S. Government was a destructive government, therefore it had to be abolished.

On March 29th the notice of abolishment was hand delivered and read outside the U.S. Capital building in Washington D.C. The UNITED STATES CORP was a foreign corporation that represented it's shareholders, bankers, corporations and lobbyists, NOT THE PEOPLE.

All three branches and both political parties were not living up to the oath and the government was destroying the country from within. The destruction was extreme. It was methodical and it appears much of the damage was intentional. Phone calls, letters, lawsuits filed in federal courts were all being ignored. Governors and Mayors have been allowed to create mandates perceived as law by the public without use of the legislative branch.

It's clear the virus was and still is being used in order to take people's freedoms away. The media has perpetuated the fear. Fear is obviously being used by governments to control the people and always has been.

The states were allowed to go unchecked by the federal government. The state and local governments deprived the people of their rights, destroyed small businesses and lives utilizing decrees, fear mongering and domestic terrosism. The FBI and federal courts have ignored hundreds of filings and calls from the people regarding crimes being committed by tyrannical governors and mayors.

The presidential election was stolen and the Supreme Court refused to hear multiple cases regarding the theft. THE PEOPLE’S Federal government should have been working on election reform rather than unending impeachments. It’s to the benefit of over three hundred million PEOPLE to remove less than 1000 rouge self serving public servants operating a destructive government. America needs to rebuild and restore the Republic from the foundation up. This will make for real and positive change.

The destruction has occurred over many decades. It would require thousands of pages to list all of the global destruction caused by the UNITED STATES CORPORATION and its operatives.

It is now up to the military to live up to their oath and clean up the mess for THE PEOPLE and restore the republic.

The last line of defense to the constitution and the unalienable rights of the people is THE PEOPLE.

The PBI was created to defend The Republic and avoid violence at all cost, while regaining control that has either been lost or stolen by governments throughout the world.

Governments need to realize and even more importantly, THE PEOPLE need to never forget that THE PEOPLE HAVE THE POWER!

The PBI website ThePBI.US

Notice of abolishment of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION all three branches of government, all franchises and entities affiliated with the CORPORATION regarding the federal government.
The 2020 Declaration of Independence
YouTube Abolishment Video
Rumble Abolishment Video

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Last Updated April 6, 2021