White Tiger Qigong Teaches 8 Foundational Qigong Breathing Methods

Posted December 1, 2016 by whitetigerqigong

White Tiger Qigong School offers training program on 8 foundational Qigong breathing techniques.

Students can learn 8 foundational Qigong breathing techniques at White Tiger Qigong, famous Qigong School founded by Master Tevia Feng. Each Qigong breathing method has its own purpose and benefits. Some techniques can be practiced by beginners, while others require effort and time to learn. White Tiger School integrates all breathing methods into its balanced Qigong trainings available to all levels of Qigong practitioners.

The first two breathing techniques that students will learn in this course are Cleansing Breath and Filling Breath. Cleansing Breath helps to cleanse the lungs, emotions and mind, while Filling Breath allows filling body parts and organs with the Qi energy. Qi Pressure Breath is the third breathing method students will discover. “It will aid the practitioner to pressurise the Qi inside the body creating very powerful Qi circulation throughout the meridian system”, - says Master Tevia Feng.

Golden Elixir Breathing and Gate Breathing are a little more challenging methods than the previous three. Golden Elixir Breathing is a very powerful Qigong technique. It is the practice of generating and swallowing saliva, the Golden Elixir of health and vitality, to heal and strengthen the body. Gate Breathing will teach practitioners how to move the Qi energy to the 4 Gates of the body, which are 2 hands and 2 feet. More experienced students can add up to 8 gates to this breathing practice.

The last three breathing methods can be practiced only by experienced Qigong practitioners. Primordial breath helps to focus on inhales and exhales, and “synchronize the breath with the contraction and expansion of the 3rd eye and lower Dan Tian (energy center)”. Once students have mastered this technique, they can discover the last two ancient and advanced Qigong Breathing methods - Traditional Microcosmic Orbit and Suction Breathing Method.

White Tiger Qigong teaches students to practice these methods on their own and together with various Qigong forms and movements. Individuals and groups, who are interested to learn more about the school’s training programs, can visit White Tiger Qigong website.

About Company – White Tiger Qigong is a school of Daoist Qigong, Baguazhang and Qi Healing Therapies founded in Thailand by the Qigong Master Instructor, Tevia Feng. With more than 25 years of experience, Tevia Feng has taught thousands of students from around the world. White Tiger School offers a complete system of trainings teaching students various techniques to strengthen the spirit, body and mind through Qigong movements, meditation and the Daoist Internal Martial Art of Baguazhang. Training courses are also available online. Interested students can get Qigong Teacher Certification from White Tiger Qigong School upon completing required levels.
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