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For the production of seeds female plants are crossed with males and seeds are produced which fall to the ground upon forming on the female plant and germinate into independent plants.

What are cannabis seeds? Cannabis can either be males or females, but while female produce buds that we often use as marijuana males, in turn, produce pollens.

During the production of cannabis for medicinal or recreational purposes, female cannabis plants are grown away from male plants so as to avoid them from forming seeds.

What are feminized cannabis seeds Canada?

Feminized cannabis seeds produce only female plants for the getting buds. To avoid the feminized cannabis plants from getting pollinated several measures are taken such as -

1)Spraying the plant with a solution of colloidal silver, a liquid containing tiny particles of silver

2)Through the method which is popularly known as rodelization, in which a female plant pushed past maturity can pollinate another female plant.

3)Spraying seeds with gibberellic acid, a hormone that triggers germination.

What are auto-flowering cannabis seeds?

Most cannabis plants in general start flowering when the light they are exposed to is reduced to only 12 hours per day. But, a specific species of plant called Cannabis ruderalis, begins flowering when it reaches a certain age. These plants automatically start flowering when they reach a certain age no matter the amount of light they receive therefore they are known as auto-flowering plants.

What are high CBD cannabis seeds?

CBD is one of the chemical components found in cannabis plants. CBD is known worldwide for treating the symptoms of a myriad of diseases such as insomnia, stress, pain, and various other mental health diseases. But, over the years people have selected the plants with high THC content making plants with high CBD a rarity. But, now with a no of seed banks widely available a no, of CBD strains, are back in the market and chosen by professional growers.

What makes a cannabis seed high quality?

The most important factor for any seed is genetics. to grow good quality plants you need high-quality genetics. A professional breeder always takes enough time to cross and backcross genetics to grow a stabilize the most desirable traits in cannabis strains while still producing an array of different phenotypes.

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