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Posted December 1, 2018 by waterloocars

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When you start to plan a holiday or a business trip, the list of things to do and prepare grows and grows. There are so many things to think of that your Heathrow taxi service may be forgotten, but with Waterloo Cars you can be sure they’ll take you where you need to be.

Why do we often forget to book our cheap airport taxi?

When planning a big holiday or an important business trip there are many things to think about. Hotel and flights are often top of the list. Both can require a lot of thought and research. Today, there are lots of different hotel and flight comparison and booking flights where you can find some great deals if you just take the time to look.

Once these essentials are booked often people move onto checking their insurance, writing up a packing list and investing in some reliable luggage. Then there are the home things to take care of - who will feed the cat, who will have a spare set of keys, and who needs to be told you are going away.

It can soon seem like you are down to your last few things to do, like finding your passport and packing your hand luggage. However, more often than not booking that important cheap airport taxi is forgotten.

So what are the alternatives if you don’t book a taxi in London?

Booking a taxi is often forgotten because people assume that the alternative will be absolutely fine. When you arrive in London however the alternative transport and transfer options are not always the best choice. All of the major airports are connected to central London by over ground train services, and some are also connected by the tube.

However, these trains will not always go direct to your hotel, it may involve a walk at the end, which isn’t ideal with a lot of luggage. Some of the overground trains can also be quite expensive, and not all of the services run throughout the night. There are also various bus services you can chose, however most of these require booking in advance, or are hard to find once you arrive at the airport.

There is no guarantee they will have space for you if you haven’t booked either. However, one of the most expensive transfer options has to be using a black cab. If you jump in a taxi on the spot once you land, you will spend a lot of money.

Why should I book my cheap airport taxi in advance?

If you remember to research and book your airport taxi in advance then you will see lots of benefits. Firstly, it is likely to be the cheapest option. Waterloo Cars will give you a great rate, and will also arrange everything in advance for you.

If you use their service then you can rely on them being there to pick you up once you arrive, and they will have enough room for all of the passengers and luggage. Choosing and booking a taxi in advance will definitely be the most hassle-free option.

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