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The term IT stands for 'Information Technology'. It's not something we haven't heard before. In fact, its probably something we hear every single day. On our way to work, on TV or even in our schools and higher institution of learning.

This term encompasses a huge range of fields in technology and communication. Every communication device or device you can use to access the internet is an IT device. The use of IT has completely transformed the communication sector of the world today.
This then takes us to the topic today. What is IT support service?. Now that we have a general idea of what IT is, using then above definition of IT as a guide, we can say that an IT support service is the service rendered to an individual facing and IT issue or better yet, having and IT problem. That is basically all there is to it. At some point of our lives, we may have encountered an issue involving IT and have had to contact a support center or the other for assistance. Sometimes, we may not even be aware of the fact that we have done something like that before.
IT and IT support services - How are they related
Anything that involves the exchange of data, information or even signals on a computer based level, that in itself is information technology. Since the world has made so much advancement in technology, its no news that we definitely need information technology. Otherwise, passing out information or maybe, exchange of data will be almost imposible. In case there is an obstruction in this flow of information, IT support services have been put in place to help current these errors on a regular basis. IT support services are also sometimes called technical support services. In simple terms, it the practise of resolving issues on technical problems emanating from IT devices like like desktops, laptops, palmtops, Android devices, tablets, television, radio devices and lots more. The primary aim of any IT support service is to provide the best solutions to IT support problems that a user is experiencing. It may or may not be related directly to the equipment causing the problem. Many technological companies and firms also offer IT support service as an additional service to the ones they already offer. This service is usually given out for free and at no extra cost. It is also a way of boosting customer experience with the said company and gaining favor in the eyes of the customer.
If you are conversant with IT devices, you would know that most of the these device usually comes with a guarantee period within a selected amount of time, and an added option of contacting the customer support center of the company in case an issue occurs with the device. Mushroom brick and mortar stores may not offer this kind of service in some parts of the world. For them, selling their devices is more important that customer experience. This isn't the case with most prominent and well known technological establishments around the world. It is because of this reason that most people are advised to buy their devices from companies with a customer support center.
In some casesz the warranty period is not included in some of the technological devices but, the customers have a complete access to a 24/7 customer support center.
Aside from boosting customer experience and providing support to customers, some companies also have an IT support center to help with technological issues the company may or may not face in due time. They are there to ensure that all tech support services are running effectively and with no hiccups. If a company has a full time job or dependency on information technology, then you can sure as hell be certain that there will be in-house technical support center that keeps the company in check. They are well sophisticated and technologically equippes of they were to manage the service of an entire company.
Some firms have even deemed it fit that the support center for customers and the support center for the company itself will be different for all intents and purposes. This is usually done to ensure that there are no interruptions with company's operations on a daily basis. It also makes room for a shooter workflow amongst employees. However, doing this will require more staffs of course, and will require more money to run the company.
Large organisations and businesses with a lot of staff and manpower, as well as a lot of money to run a company, can employ this IT support service method. Reaching customer support for any service is usually done by dailing the toll free number registered with your company. This is usually better if you want to talk with a customer care representative directly and if you need an immediate answer to a question you have about a particular product or service. This does not really mean that there are no other ways
of contacting a technical support center.
Sending an email to the company via your registered email address (if the company has one) or using a live chat feed on the company's website, is also a good idea. If the company is popular enough, there a should be a forum where there are a lot of customers registered with the company. You can post what ever questions you may have, and you will get a valid response. Chances are that, since you are a newbie of some sorts, you will most likely run into someone who has already encountered that same problem. It saves you a lot of time and energy because sometimes, it is a lot better than contacting technical support via phone or email. Furthermore, you can also contact a technical support team of some companies via their social media handle. It could be Facebook, Instagram or even twitter. Which ever one its going to be, just make sure you hit them up and get sorted out.
You can do more research on the types of IT support services and how to contact the technical support of any company of your choice to figure out if the technical support service can meet your needs. That's all for now, thanks for reading.

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