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Posted February 21, 2018 by vapingsolution

For years, smokers have turned to e-cigarettes when they kick their smoking habit. Many people tried their first taste of vaping years ago with our disposable electronic cigarettes and have become loyal customers to this day.

With more and more smokers turning to e-cigs and the FDA promoting electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) as an option for smokers, we decided it was time to make a good thing even better. Our new disposable e-cigs have improved flavor, a better throat hit, and a higher nicotine content than our original ones. Read on to learn more.

Disposable E-Cigs That Look And Feel Like Cigarettes

A lot of disposable e-cigs you’ll find out there are made of metal and plastic, so they don’t look or feel like tobacco cigarettes. Smokers who quit and switch to vaping like to have something that imitates the weight, size, softness, and look of a cigarette. With these new disposable e-cigs, we’re pretty spot-on.

From the soft, chewable, speckled filter, to the striated white e-cig “paper,” all the way to the subtle red that lights up when you puff, these electronic cigarettes really make you feel like you’re smoking the real thing.

With the new disposable e-cigs, we’ve also designed them to be more durable, so they’ll stay intact even if you chew the filter. Many other disposables have a covering that peels off to reveal a metal “filter” over time. This can be very uncomfortable for a smoker who’s trying out e-cigs, so we’ve gone to great lengths to design these new e-cigs differently. For the E-Cig in United Kingdom the options are now greater.

Intense, Long-Lasting Flavor And Variety

Since our new disposable e-cigs are crafted to last up to as long as a pack and a half of cigarettes (or longer!), we made sure the flavor stays consistent throughout the life of the e-cig. Not only that, the flavor is rich, intense and true-to-taste.

Smokers generally opt for our tobacco or menthol disposable vapes, but we’ve also used some of our most popular e-juice flavors to add a variety of options. These include coffee, watermelon, and peppermint.

With a more powerful flavor profile comes a more intense throat hit. I’m a former roll-your-own tobacco smoker who still prefers a higher nicotine level, especially when I’m stuck in a traffic jam (Chicago traffic is the worst!) Taking a drag on one of these new disposable e-cigs feels like taking that first satisfying hit of a freshly lit cigarette.

More Nicotine

When we originally designed our disposable e-cigs, we made them with 2.6% nicotine. That worked for some smokers, but after getting feedback from our customers, we’ve upped the nic level in the new disposable e-cigs to 3.6%. This helps heavy smokers get the nic hit they’re craving, but it’s also a good option for light smokers who can puff here and there when they feel a nic craving coming on.

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