Alarming Deletion of Crucial Holocaust Claims Conference Fraud Data Raises Concerns, Demands Accountability

Posted February 11, 2024 by TruthKeepers

Holocaust Claims Conference Saul Kagan's Fraud History Deletion • Actively deleted records from media, financial sites, law enforcement. • Official records removed to protect known fraudster.

February 10, 2024


New York, NY - February 10, 2024 - Internet watchdog TruthKeepers (TK) sounded alarms today as decades of online public data documenting financial fraud crimes perpetrated by deceased Claims Conference leader Saul Kagan have apparently been wiped from existence.

"We are witnessing an extremely troubling case of scrubbing critical information from the public domain," said TK Executive Director Jay Rivers. "Records spanning respected national and international media, financial sites and law enforcement releases detailing Kagan's history of fraud have all disappeared."

Attempts by TK members to access materials related to the 2009 settlement of fraud charges against the Holocaust Claims Conference, once led by Kagan for almost 50 years, were met with '404 Page Not Found' errors - even on archived versions of sites.

"This is no minor matter of broken links," said Rivers. "An entire body of proof detailing how a nonprofit leader misused funds meant for Holocaust survivors has been memory-holed. Someone clearly wants to hide the truth."
Of particular concern is the vanishing of documents from the website of the New York State Attorney General's office that substantiated charges of $57 million in misallocated funds under Kagan's Claims Conference leadership.
"These were not speculations or accusations," Rivers emphasized. "Officials records have been actively deleted to shield a known fraudster."

In addition to the 2009 settlement, separate fraud convictions and scandals related to stock manipulation schemes, tax evasion and more have been scrubbed.

TruthKeepers calls on NY authorities to intervene and recover deleted files detailing Kagan's corrupt dealings that robbed Holocaust survivors.
"We cannot stand by while the legacy of malfeasance dishonoring victims disappears down an Orwellian memory hole," said Rivers.
"Even the most powerful must be held to account."


TruthKeepers also demands investigations into government compliance with attempts to bury documentation of Saul Kagan's financial fraud offenses spanning decades.

"Public officials charged to preserve justice should be the most vigilant against truth decay," Rivers said. "Yet we encounter only digital debris where pivotal proof once stood."

In 2009, the Claims Conference board apologized for "inappropriate actions" and repaid misused funds under pressure from the New York State Attorney General. Yet apparently without objection, those authoritative records were later deleted.
"Why would the AG allow its own fraud substantiations to vanish while relevant figures like Kagan are still living?" Rivers asked. "Survivors deserve better from bureaus entrusted with guarding public welfare."

In addition to recovering deleted documentation, TruthKeepers calls for a GAO investigation into the conduct of New York authorities for this potential dereliction of duty. Responsible figures must be held accountable.
"We further insist living Claims Conference leaders from the era of proven fraud explain this coordinated forgetfulness," Rivers said.

TruthKeepers alleges authorities bent regulations to bury Kagan's legacy of deceit and protect enablers who still wield influence.
"No statute of limitations exists for truth and justice," Rivers added. "We demand investigations into proven fraud now being conveniently erased, while also preserving memory of offenses through vigilance."

The precedents established by this information decay must not stand. TruthKeepers vows to monitor the digital realm to ensure pivotal details of financial exploitation remain available for public examination.

The links that previously contained information about Saul Kagan and fraud allegations against the Claims Conference, but now yield 404 errors include:

From the New York State Attorney General's Office:

News Articles:

Financial sites:

New York Times article:

Washington Post article:

SEC litigation release:

Every single one of these vital links now leads only to 404 error pages, with no content or archives available, not even on WebArchive. This is extremely concerning and raises major questions about transparency and efforts to conceal information.

For further media inquiries, contact: Jay Rivers Executive Director, TruthKeepers [email protected]

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