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Obesity is a serious disease with symptoms that develop during an extended period of time. It is necessary to understand the significance of this disease and the methods of avoiding it. This paper will investigate the main problems connected with morbid obesity and ways of their treatment and prevention.
Causes of Morbid Obesity
During the process of eating, human body get the calories from food that is further used to run their bodies and stay energetic. It is important to mention that, even when a person takes a rest, the human body needs calories for pumping the heart or digesting food. If these calories stay unused, the body molds them into fat. The body creates fat stores in case people go on eating bigger amounts of calories than their body needs for the fulfilment of daily activities and exercises. In other words, morbid obesity is the result of excessive fat storage in the human body.
Moreover, some medications, for example antidepressants, can also lead to weight gain. Apart from that, some medical conditions, namely hypothyroidism, sometimes can also be a cause of obesity, but they can usually carefully without necessarily leading to obesity.
Who is at Risk for Morbid Obesity?
In fact, anyone who eats more calories than the body needs can suffer from obesity. According to some studies, genetic factors sometimes also influence the way one’s body weight.
As well as that, some behavioral factors can lead to obesity, including person’s eating habits or the level of daily activity. Many people develop these in childhood and sometimes have trouble maintaining necessary body weight, which is regarded normal according to their age. Differently speaking, during adulthood, people may be not very active at their job or have no time for exercises or meal planning.
Furthermore, such factors as the lack of sleep or frequent stress can also lead to the weight gain. For example, people quitting smoking can temporary gain weight. Moreover, women can have difficulties when they lose weight after pregnancy or they may gain weight because of the menopause. Nevertheless, it is important to mention that the factors discussed above do not obligatory cause morbid obesity, but they can contribute to the beginning of this disease.
Co-Morbid Conditions
It is essential that the presence of morbid obesity increases the risk of the other serious illnesses including cancer.
Among the most common co-morbid conditions are:
· Type 2 diabetes leading to heart disease, blindness, nerve damage, etc.;
· Different cardiovascular diseases, such as the hardening of the arteries or heart attack;
· High blood pressure also leading to heart disease, kidney failure, and loss of vision;
· Cancer;
· Depression;
· Osteoarthritis and the loss of mobility;
· Female reproductive health disorder, etc.
Management of Morbid Obesity
It is a well-known fact that the treatment of morbid obesity should start with the comprehensive lifestyle management, which includes three main phases:
· Preinclusion screening phase;
· Weight-loss phase;
· Maintenance phase, which can last until the end of one’s life. Nevertheless, this phase sometimes lasts for one year after the completion of the weight-loss program.
It is difficult to determine the most effective ways of long-term weight loss. Nevertheless, a healthy diet and regular exercises can be considered as the key factors improving human health.
It is also necessary to learn stress management tools, which people can use in case of overeating or snacking when they have stressful times. People should consult with their doctors and dietitians to define realistic goals able to help them lose weight by means of diet and exercises. It is also important to find support from family and friends regarding making changes in lifestyle that will produce long-term loss of keeping weight at the needed rate.
Sometimes doctors may prescribe weight loss drugs. Though these drugs may cause weight loss, many people regain weight after stopping taking the medication. Moreover, there are numerous herbal and over-the-counter medications that are supposed to help people lose weight though their positive influence has not been verified yet.
Surgery is considered to be an option to treat morbid obesity only if people have tried the other methods for fighting their excessive weight and they have not been successful. Sometimes surgery also can help to reduce the possibility of the other diseases, such as diabetes, sleep apnea, etc.
Nevertheless, surgery can cause numerous other complications. Therefore, people should always consult their doctors to determine whether a certain way of treatment is a good option for them or not.
Preventing Morbid Obesity
The most efficient methods in the prevention of morbid obesity are a healthy diet and regular exercises. In is important to mention that people who suffer from morbid obesity should avoid “fad” diets but should better change their eating behaviors. It is highly recommended to add more fruits and vegetables to a diet, count the daily calorie intake, eat smaller portions of meals, eat mindfully, and limit fats and refined sugars.
It is a well-known fact that physical activity is health-giving and the most important when someone tries to lose weight. Among the most useful exercises are: running or jogging, jumping rope, swimming, biking, and brisk walking. Moreover, such everyday activities as shoveling snow or yard work are also considered to be moderate exercise.
In conclusion, morbid obesity is a serious and potentially life-threatening condition. Nowadays, for example, nearly 31 million of the U.S. adults are living with morbid obesity. Nevertheless, it is possible to change the situation as people’s health depends on their decisions. An essential thing to do is to change the manner and habits of eating, which are the most frequent causes of morbid obesity.
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