Adaptable Engine Control

Posted October 5, 2022 by thebestidea

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ADAPTABLE ENGINE CONTROL Engines could change modes
(BIRMINGHAM, Alabama) September 26, 2022 - Be open to an idea for transportation. Current engine technology uses dedicated (constant) operation. Committed thinking about horsepower is a factor of design now. Power is considered necessary for a dedicated operation first generation (1st gen.) engine. Here’s a valuable improvement you’ll see coming from lab research. A new ground-breaking advance is patent pending. An exciting discovery is explosions occur when pistons move fastest near 90o after top dead center (TDC). A company is developing a system unlike anything seen before & could show value to improve life. Don’t we fund technology opportunities? See what’s here. This new system is unknown. The developer has a distinctive operating system for engines. A finding that’s a pioneering improvement is explained. An advantage of unknown electronic systems is engines could be efficient using less fuel (green alternative), produce less pollution and use any kind of fuel. Note: Lower pressure at TDC won’t need anti-knock compounds. Fuel ignition thresholds aren’t reached at TDC because air doesn’t reach high pressure. Power is not being tested because a second generation (2nd gen.) engine changes modes for economical performance. 2nd gen. operation is controlled electronically by dual, dependable, analytic ¬¬computers. See explanations in the pending patent Specification and provide time to learn about the electronic system for engine operation.
Consider 3 ideas associated with a new technology. Each needs to be examined. Let’s see… 1. It may save fuel – could be proved in a lab, 2. Lower emissions (hydrocarbon and carbon dioxide emissions from exhaust) are possible, and 3. Special technology could use any fuel (vapor or liquid) with other fuels to ignite and heat air in cylinders.
Many mechanical engineers resist what could be proven to be a fact. A new method could be available for engineers to study and develop. A change to electronic operation has great potential! Feel free to choose adaptable performance. Improving a durable mechanism is offered and could change modes (flexible operation) for more power, more mpg and more years of service. Experimental engine students at a mechanical engineering lab in Tuscaloosa, Alabama could prove a futuristic design is a fact. Real performance data is needed for evaluation. Creation of an optional method to operate engines solves 5 problems unique ways- 1. Dedicated duty (constant) could be variable, adaptable operation, 2. Limited fuel mileage could improve to a yet to be discovered mpg, 3. Fuel could be any density source (not a single fuel), 4. Limited power may multiply. Engines could be smaller, and 5. Component number could be reduced 50% (e.g., 13 vs. 26) so engine builders could assemble faster.
Benefitting from a ground-floor technology innovation is possible. A patent is pending to protect this improvement. Be involved with a world-changing advance for transportation. Developer has a novel, first of an industry product. Production of advanced machines can be easily understood & a special technology could be proven as fact in a mechanical engineering lab. Get insight into what’s revolutionary about new mechanical engineering. Consider the value of electronic technologies to improve transportation. When fuel drops aren’t used it saves fuel. Most cylinders have intermittent use or are deactivated when moving at a steady speed. Fuel use is less (real life mpg is undetermined). It could multiply today’s mpg so 30 could be 90 mpg or more. Let’s see how good. Ottomatic Control Systems, Inc (OCSI). OCSI is developing innovative advancements for moving vehicles.
See website > Consider personal futures benefitting from it. Support pledges to help research could be made at < (I could help). PayPal app is on Play Store to download. Enter a temporary code they supply. Next screen use SEND on the right, next enter name, @username, phone # or email, then enter pledge support. Tell what it is for (research donation or contribution). Click button CONTINUE. You're welcome to help! Share this beneficial offer with others on networks. Join the developer's team. When you help - thank you for research funding for the adaptable/variable operating systems. A PayPal receipt comes or contact our email [email protected].
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