Request for Proposal Documents and Their Use

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12th January 2020: During the recent event, Tendersontime emphasized the importance of proposal documents. Let us look at what they had to say.

Laws in Society

Laws have made their way into many parts of our lives. You need to realize that as we develop as a society, the maintenance of law and order in the society also becomes all the more important. Maintaining a state of everyone working in harmony is a prerequisite for a working society. It helps society as a whole to become better and more efficient. A state of harmony helps all the gears of a society’s machine work perfectly in sync with each other to get the most out of every section of society making us move forward as a species. Some form of law is present in every civilization nowadays, even the tribes having a set rule of code they follow for their decisions. This law may be passed down through generations or made newly.

While the presence of laws is important for a functioning society, it will all be completely ineffective without the presence of the execution and maintenance of this law in society. The execution of such laws is done in various ways in society. Through the courts and all the various documents that get transferred throughout society are all part of the system that makes it work. One of these sets of documents is the Request for Proposal documents or the RFP document made for RFP or request for the proposal. All the details for such documents are given below.

RFP Documents

Let's start by defining what an RFP document is. An RFP is a document that solicits or asks for a proposal, which is most of the time in such legal processes made through a process involving bidding. It is usually carried out by companies and agencies that may be interested in obtaining or the procurement of a service or a commodity or simply a valuable asset. This is done to procure the asset taken to be further submitted to some potential suppliers to submit business proposals. It is a step of the cycle for the procurement of assets by a company or an agency for such a purpose, either included in the procurement stage or at the preliminary study instead.

Although, a request for proposal is way more important than just using it to procure anything you want which may be smaller than something that needs such legal steps to be taken currently. Such a document is very important, as it is usually used when the request made for the case requires a combination of technical expertise and a form of specialized capability and capacity. It is also used where the product or service being considered that is being requested by the agency or the company is not yet existing, while the proposal that is to be proposed may require more research and steps of development to create the product or asset being requested.

What RFP Represents

The request for proposal document that is a part of the procurement process usually represents the prerequisites for the service or the commodity, that is used to present or dictate the precise format and structure of the response by the supplier to varying degrees depending on various factors encountered by the supplier. For an RFP to be exceptionally effective, it needs to correctly and efficiently reflect the objectives of the business, both short and long term regarding the proposal, the strategies to be employed for and by the proposal, but also to be able to provide descriptive and detailed insight that allows the suppliers, which helps them to build upon it to be able to offer a similar perspective.
Many requests exist in the world of laws and legal businesses. These range from a request for the association, a request for information, a request for expression of interest, a request for qualifications and so on. A quite similar one to the request for a proposal is also called the request for quotation or RFQ. Here, the customer is usually simply looking for a specific and set price to be quoted for the asset so he/she can consider budgeting out the quantity of money required for the process.

An RFI or Request for Information is also an interesting one as it is the step just before RFP where a company or agency or an individual may ask for a little more information from the vendors before they can make the most informed decision based on the information they received and see if they wish to push forward for a request of a proposal from the suppliers or not.

Specifications for an RFP

An RFP as a document is usually more than just a request for the specified price. It usually contains additional information in the form of basic information related to corporate history and such, while also including the technical capability and the financial information and the information related to the product. The product information may include things such as the availability of the stock and the estimation of the completion time for the product. The various better facilities related to such statements that can be made through the use of the internet have pushed the government and various agencies as well, to push forward and form websites that can provide the listings of RFPs, RFIs and, RFQs as well.
Requests for proposals usually require the specifications for the product, be it an item, a service or a project given to the suppliers. These specifications play a major role. The more these details provided by the suppliers are specific, the more accurate the final result of the whole process will be. These are usually sent to a supplier who has been approved. The agencies or companies bid earlier to return the proposal by time and date that was set earlier. This helps to choose a suitable supplier or vendor for the asset required. The screening process requires the various vendors to come forward and pitch their models or discuss with the organization buying the asset.

After this discussion, only the bidders then selected can submit a proposal they base on their technical and financial capabilities which is usually the BAFO or the Best and Final offer, and if it is revised based on further discussions, it is then changed to a BARFO or a Best Revised Final Offer. Once both parties agree on the various terms and conditions that were set, they move forward with the contract signing and other processes.
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