The Sweetest Days

Posted September 26, 2017 by talktojamesandrews02

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I'd like to take this opportunity on sweetest day, the fakest of fake holidays, to discuss the seeming inevitable fate of long term relationships and why good relationships so often go bad.

we've all been there right? you meet someone and the chemistry is instant. they're beautiful and wonderful, you think about them all day. the time you spend together seems magical. everything is fun and exciting and interesting. you date for awhile, you envision spending your entire life with this person. maybe you get married, and on it goes.

then what happens?

for many ... the fun fades, the excitement dulls, the chemistry wanes. you're no longer lovers, you're co-habitators occupying the same physical space. you become glorified roommates. you share the same bed but emotionally could not be more disconnected.

and maybe this situation i describe is a best case scenario. maybe you hate the person you're with. maybe you resent everything about them. their loud chewing when they eat or some other obnoxious idiosyncrasy they possess that drives you up the wall. you're miserable and feel completely and totally trapped.

why does this happen?

the biggest reason is we are constantly changing as people. think about who you were five years ago, ten years ago. you're very different now, right? well the same is true for the person you're with. you change, they change .. it seems improbable to think that all these changes we go thru will result in the same level of compatibility with one another over time.

then, if you introduce kids into the mix at some point, the relationship you initially experienced with the other person becomes unrecognizable. its completely different. the priorities have evolved and the dynamic shifts.

maybe you start keeping score. the resentment builds to a crescendo. you're no longer able to communicate at all. you search for any reason at all not to spend time with them.

virtually none of your needs are being met. emotionally, physically, intellectually .. its all gone. at this point you and the entire relationship have become extremely vulnerable.

what do we do next?

we feel so lost, so trapped. this is not how we envisioned our life going. it wasn't supposed to be like this at all. we were in love. we were going to be different.

confronting this reality is one of the hardest things we will ever do. if you've found me here i already give you a ton of credit. it means you realized something is wrong. you're searching for answers. the period of denial is over.

for me personally, the hardest choices are always made easier when viewed thru the prism of how short life is and how quickly time moves. we only live once. i just turned 36. in the blink of an eye i'll be 46 .. then 56. i'll be a senior citizen in no time. do i really want to live my best years here wallowing in this unhappiness. experiencing this constant pain and misery?

first and foremost we need to be honest with ourselves. what is the true nature of our problems? why the feelings of discontent and frustration?

it is only when we ask ourselves these direct questions that we can produce the answers that will lead us back to a happy, fulfilled place. We will never know the solution if we don't first determine the problem.

brutal honest with ourselves will ultimately be our salvation - always.
For more details on our products and services, please feel free to visit us atrelationship help,relationship expert, relationship counselor,finding a therapist, finding a counselor
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