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Patio heaters are becoming more and more popular in residential settings. Once, generally found only in restaurant settings, Patio heaters are now big hits in middle class neighborhoods, as well.
Are you considering purchasing Patio heaters for your own home? Before you do so, learn more about the pros and cons associated with Patio heaters, as well as some tips.
Compared to outdoor fire pits and chimneas, Patio heaters release fewer emissions. Also, after sitting around an Patio heater all night, neither you nor your guests will smell like a campfire!
Also compared to outdoor fire pits, outdoor fireplaces, and chimneas, there are more ongoing costs associated with Patio heaters.
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If you have a gas Patio heater, you must pay for refills of gas.
Electric heaters require the quartz to replaced about every 7 years (and your electricity bill will go up).
Also, there are more maintenance fees associated with both Patio heaters and electric heaters. Although they are durable, it is still much easier to break a patio heater than an outdoor fireplace!
Mushroom or umbrella Patio heaters are most effective if there is no wind. A little bit of wind can make a big difference on how warm the area surrounding the heater is. Also, with gas heaters, wind can make flame move toward and damage internal components.
To avoid problems with wind, it is best to set up your Patio heater near walls, fences, and overhangs (making sure to still keep it at least 2 feet from walls and ceilings - read the warning and instructions before setting up the heater.)
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Mushroom heaters are good because they reflect the heat down and out, where you want it to be. But moisture (especially salt air or chlorine air) can be hard on them. Buts can also be a problem, climbing into the burner orifices and the pilot light. Fingerprints can burn into the mushroom reflector surface. When not using your mushroom Patio heater, be sure to store it away and/or place a heater cover over it.
Mushroom/umbrella Patio heaters put out more heat than directional Patio heaters, but directional Patio heaters can easily be mounted to many different surfaces, making them easy to set up and use. They are not affected by wind. They cost less, and bugs are not so much of a problem with them.
An Patio heater with wheels is much easier to move around than one without wheels!
If you already have a natural gas line in your home, you may consider setting up a natural gas Patio heater directly to it. Of course, if you do so, you will have fewer options as to which area of your patio you can heat up.
Patio heater

When deciding what type of Patio heater to get - butane, propane, natural gas, etc. - consider first where the closest suppliers are to you. Choose whatever type will be most convenient.
You will find multiple uses for any Patio heater you choose to buy:
Set one up outside so that smokers do not feel too shunned or cold when they must step outside for a smoke.
Make sure that outside barbecues and parties can last longer, with guests feeling comfortable.
Extend the length of seasons that you can use your porch - start using your porch earlier in the spring and later in the fall. Be sure that cool summer evenings are heated as well.
Patio heater

Use your Patio heater in the morning when you want to sit outside, breath in the fresh morning air, and drink your coffee.
Turn on your Patio heater when you are completing outdoor projects - you do not want to accidentally pound your hand with a hammer because your fingers were too numb to grip it properly!
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