China Electric Vehicle Manufacturers Introduces How To Charge Battery Cars Correctly

Posted April 14, 2021 by taizhousuqier

China Electric Vehicle Manufacturers introduces battery maintenance methods for battery vehicles: 1. The charging time for the battery car should not be too long.

China Electric Vehicle Manufacturers introduces battery maintenance methods for battery vehicles:

1. The charging time for the battery car should not be too long. Overcharging will cause the battery to heat up for a long time and speed up the scrapping speed of the battery. Theoretically, after fully discharged, the battery is charged at a nominal rate of 0.1 (standard battery charge), and it can be fully charged in about 10 hours. Considering the efficiency of the charger and the depreciation of the battery, the general charging time is between 10 hours and 12 hours. , The limit should not exceed 16 hours. Many people have misunderstandings, thinking that the charger is smart charging, and it doesn't matter how it is charged, so if the charger is not disconnected for a long time, it will not only damage the charger, but also damage the battery.

2. The number of times the battery can be charged is limited. A good battery can theoretically reach about 1000 times. A general electric vehicle battery can charge about 300 times. Therefore, try to recharge when the battery is used up to extend the service life of the battery. In addition, do not over-discharge. The battery is often under-voltage seriously, which will also lead to accelerated scrapping. The new generation of controllers have under-voltage protection. Old-fashioned controllers may not have under-voltage protection. Therefore, special attention should be paid to avoid frequent under-voltage protection in this situation. Pressure.

3. Even if you don't ride an electric bike, the battery will discharge. Many electric bikes will basically be discharged within a week to two weeks. Therefore, in order to protect the battery, if you are not riding the bicycle, you must charge it once a week or two weeks. The specific charging interval depends on the discharge speed of the electric car battery. If you’re out for a year and a half without a car at home, if the electric vehicle is left idle for a long time, it’s best to disconnect the battery pack connection, at least the negative connection, so as to slow down the battery’s slow discharge and protect it. Battery.

4. Sometimes the charger is broken and needs to be replaced. It is best to re-purchase the charger according to the output parameters of the original charger. Do not listen to other people's suggestions and buy the so-called fast-charge charger. Although the standard charging speed is a little slower, it is helpful to protect the life of the battery. Frequent fast charging will speed up the battery scrap. In addition, the charging time of some advanced chargers is adjustable, that is, the charging current or charging voltage can be adjusted to achieve fast charging, standard charging and slow charging. Except for emergency vehicles, fast charging is not recommended.

5. Electric vehicles often use battery packs. When the battery’s power storage capacity is greatly reduced, many people often come up with such a method in order to save money: only replace some of the batteries with the worst power storage capacity (often It is to buy some second-hand refurbished batteries for replacement instead of new ones). When replacing the batteries, the specifications and brands of the batteries are often not considered, as long as the output voltage is consistent. This is not recommended. The battery specifications are not uniform, which will not only speed up the battery scrap rate, but may also damage the motor and other components. To replace the battery, it is best to replace the entire battery pack with a uniform specification.

6. Although many batteries used in electric vehicles are called dry powder batteries, they are not just dry powder batteries, but sealed maintenance-free lead-acid batteries. Due to frequent overcharging and heat generation, the acid leaks out. Some batteries often have poor storage capacity after being used for a short time (far from the time the battery is scrapped). In this case, the battery is not scrapped, but the battery is electrolyzed. Too little liquid, many people do not understand this reason, thinking that the battery is scrapped, often repurchase the battery pack. In fact, this kind of battery can be repaired by itself, just pry open the sealing cover, and then pour electrolyte into the battery. The battery electrolyte replenisher is sold in stores such as auto parts and motorcycle parts.

Through the above introduction, Sport High Power E-Bike Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.
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