Tips for chapter 15 - Getting swtor power leveling for sale with Free 5% - 10% from swtor2credits

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Tips for chapter 15 - Getting swtor power leveling for sale with Free 5% - 10% from swtor2credits

After completing either Coruscant or Dromund Kaas Nar Shaddaa swtor credits buy will be the second planet players experience while leveling up. It's another city planet which means it pretty much sucks. Luckily for you, using this guide will make it suck just a little bit less. What level you come to Nar Shaddaa depends on what level you finished Taris and if you did the Bonus Series. Don't worry if you skipped the Bonus Series... Trust me when I say that most people do.

Anyway, let's get started with Nar Shaddaa. The very first quest you will pick up upon ariving on the planet will be from Minister Plennid...

When Diplomacy Fails

Recover 5 Republic Security Passcodes

For this quest you need to kill the Kintan Kings NPCs for the passcodes. They can be a rather uncommon drop so you may have to kill quite a few. This doesn't really matter though, considering the bonus quest has you kill 30 of them to complete it. You'll want to stick around for this bonus quest, it's a nice boost in XP especially if you skipped out on the Taris Bonus Series.

After you finish When Diplomacy Fails you'll want to head far west to get to the Taxi Terminal. Grab the Taxi path and fly to the Upper Promenade where the quest When Diplomacy Fails tells you to go. When you land grab the Quick Travel terminal thingy and head north to turn in your quest. After doing so, if you have a class quest in lower promenade do that before you continue to the Nikto Sector.
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