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Servomax Limited is one of India’s Leading Power Conditioning & Power Saving equipment manufacturers.

Amazing assorted power solutions boost up adequate applications across industries, residences, commercial buildings, and government projects. A myriad of power-conditioning and power-saving products are available in the market today to successfully meet the voltage demands. India's number one brand of power-based products – 'Servomax Limited'– is an illustrious enterprise serving diversified sectors. Have a quick look at this article to check its outstanding products and reap your voltage benefits.
Servomax Limited
Servomax Limited runs with trusted service – it is engaged in providing effective power solutions. It is the best stabilizer and industrial transformer manufacturer in Hyderabad. However, it reaches its outstanding products and services to its valuable customers across Pan India and overseas.
Servomax Limited – A Spectacular Brand of Power-Conditioners and Power-Savers
Though there are numerous options for power-based products, Servomax Limited brand of power-conditioners and power-savers is remarkable and valuable. Its instinctive technological resources, exercises, man-power, and updated operations enable successful provision of various power-based products. It is engaged in the manufacture, service, supply, distribution, and export of 20+ power conditioning and power-saving products.
1. Transformers
2. Isolation Transformers
3. Stabilizers
4. Control Panels
5. UPS
The voltage of power at power-plants, transmission lines, and end-distribution units is not the same. In order to maintain the voltage changes, step-up or step-down transformers play an important role in the power sector. Servomax Limited is the best transformer manufacturers in Hyderabad – it determines the exact customized needs of the customers and enables perfect transformer services. It offers spectacular transformer products include –
• Distribution Transformers
• Small and Medium Power Transformers
• Dry-Type Transformers
• Distribution Transformers – Distribution transformers are the distinctive step-down transformers which decrease the higher voltage power from transmission lines. They distribute the substantial voltage levels to the end use equipment for household and industrial purposes. Servomax Limited distribution transformers are manufactured with utmost efficiency following the national and international standards.
They enable varied applications in commercial complexes, educational institutions, rice and tube mills, wind and solar applications, food processing units, and other industrial sectors. They are built with strong and high-quality raw materials – they are more reliable to withstand overload. The organization offers a wide range of such transformer units with capacities up to 3.15 MVA. It supports the best supply of three-phase oil-cooled models of distribution transformers.
• Small and Medium Power Transformers – Servomax Limited is the predominant power transformer manufacturer in Hyderabad. It is engaged in manufacturing small and medium power transformers with a capacity range up to 16 MVA. These magnificent transformer units are available in different sizes based on the applications. They are generally useful in power generation stations, distribution company substations, and industrial applications.
They are even available in three-phase liquid-immersed models to allow healthy longevity of the device. Following the eco-friendly and greener energy standards, Servomax Limited is stupendous in offering efficient power transformers for solar power and wind power generation applications.
• Dry-Type Transformers –In a way to avoid toxic gas and smoke emissions, Servomax Limited moves a step forward to manufacture dry-type transformers. They do not have any specialized vent systems and get cooled through the air. So, they are the perfect means to reduce pollution and are, therefore, eco-friendly.
Servomax Limited dry-type transformers are used in chemical, mining, textile, pharmaceutical, electrical, electronic, plastic, and cement industries. They are even applicable in construction houses, windmill farms, captive and hydropower projects, and refineries. Based on the application, the organization offers reliable dry-type transformers with capacities up to 3150 KVA.
2. Isolation Transformers
Isolation transformers, as the name suggests, isolate a specific device from the mains power supply to ensure better protection during alterations of voltage levels. Servomax offers safe and efficient isolation transformers which are manufactured under IS and BIS standards. Its product segmentation includes –
• Isolation Transformers
• Ultra-Isolation Transformers
• Isolation Transformers–Servomax Limited isolation transformers, with capacities up to 3000 KVA, enable direct current power isolation. They are the best means to protect from electric shocks and short circuits. Servomax Limited offers these reliable units for applications like – cell phone networks, biomedical equipment, analytical instruments, printing machinery, scientific equipment, textile machinery, telecommunication equipment, and large computer installations.
• Ultra-Isolation Transformers–Ultra-isolation transformers are specifically beneficial as they deal with power disruptions like memory loss, data errors, programme changes, and erratic machine behavior. Servomax Limited offers such units with capacities up to 3000 KVA – they are systematically applicable for computers and peripherals, industrial machinery, CNC machines, medical instrumentation, and digital communication telemetry systems.
3. Stabilizers
Stabilizers are the power necessities to enable stabilized voltage output. Servomax Limited stabilizers are of world-class quality as they are manufactured under national and international standard measures. Some of the extensive stabilizer products include –
• Servo Stabilizers – Three-Phase – Oil-Cooled (Capacities up to 5000 KVA) – Servomax Limited offers these units to enable protection against single-phasing, overload, and low and high output voltage. They engage superb servo motors for regulating the voltage conditions. They are widely used in automobile, electrical, medical, motor lab equipment, and other industrial applications.
• Servo Stabilizers – Three-Phase – Air-Cooled (Capacities up to 250 KVA)–These three-phase air-cooled servo stabilizers of Servomax Limited are eco-friendly; they do not need any kind of vent or toxic emissions. Splendid voltage needs of elevators, industrial applications, lighting purposes, household appliances, television sets, medical equipment, and many others can be fulfilled as per demanded capacities and specifications.
• Single-Phase Servo Stabilizers (Capacities up to 50 KVA)–Servomax Limited also assures perfect voltage regulations suitable for single-phase power requirements. Highly efficient servo stabilizers protect against high and low voltages with the help of relay or contractor. They also enable overload protection and short-circuit protection through the use of MCB. They can be used in nursing homes, food processing units, cold storages, and other applications.
• Residential Servo Stabilizers (Capacities up to 250 KVA)– Servomax Limited residential servo stabilizers are the perfect solutions for assuring safety against voltage issues in multi-story apartments. They are feasible for outdoor and indoor applications. As they help in providing only substantial power, you can avoid unnecessary power usage and thereby help you in reducing electricity bills.
• Power Conditioners(Capacities up to 3000 KVA) – Servomax limited is specialized in offering good quality of power output by avoiding any kinds of noises, surges, over and under voltages, and frequency variations. They are more explicitly useful for CNC machinery, large computer installations, biomedical equipment, cell phone networks, and others.
• Static Stabilizers (Capacities up to 2500 KVA)–In a way to avoid the maintenance costs of servo motors, Servomax Limited also offers static stabilizers which inculcate the latest IGBT technology. The simple circuit-based devices enabled in the static stabilizers are easy to use and are available in assorted customized models.
4. Control Panels
Challenging elegant additives to the equipment are necessary nowadays. Effective automatic control panels with effective power factor considerations facilitate excellent setting of the equipment. Servomax Limited Automatic Power Factor Control Panels minimize electric consumption and are perfectly useful for manufacturing companies, cinema halls, BPO organizations, granite industries, hospitals, rice mills,
5. UPS
UPS – Uninterrupted Power Supply – is a must and should device used for maintaining continuous power for different types of industrial, residential, and commercial appliances. Servomax Limited excels itself in supplying outstanding online UPS systems for data centers, telecommunication and electrical equipment, and IT sector.
The adequate power-based devices offered by Servomax are, therefore, useful for a wide range of applications. If your power needs fall under any of these applications, then quickly reach the esteemed organization for standard installations and service as well. Never mind the cost of these devices – they are, in fact, economical compared to others in the competitive market!
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