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Posted May 8, 2014 by suleman

As the electronic vaporizer industry grows more complex, Full Circle, Inc secures their place in the industry with several new pending patents

As the electronic vaporizer industry grows more complex, Full Circle, Inc secures their place in the industry with several new pending patents

Even five years ago, the general public probably wasn’t too familiar with the term “’vape pen.” Today, however, this tiny tool is becoming the preferred way to inhale herbs, herbal oils, waxes, shatter and similar material. Full Circle, Inc and their popular line of Cloud Penz are taking “vaping” to new standards of excellence with several pending patents.

The patents are related to the atomizers and batteries, which are the pen’s most important components. The atomizer is the heating element which turns the material into vapor. On one end, the atomizer fits into the mouth piece, and the other end attaches to the battery element.

The atomizer has a small chamber which holds the material. Cloud Penz also have patents pending on their micro-usb batteries. In the Cloud Atlas series of accessories, this chamber is encased in a clear dome – which makes consumption easier to manage and produces a very “authentic dab hit”.

Benefits of Vaping

Medical marijuana is legal in 21 states, and recreational cannabis is legal in two states. As more people turn to marijuana for the medical benefit, vaporizers are becoming very popular. They’re easy to use, have very little smell, and are very discreet. It’s also easy to regulate the amount of material you’re ingesting with a vaporizer.

An electronic vaporizer is also one of the healthiest delivery methods available. The vape system eliminates many toxins and carcinogens, so the user only inhales the active ingredients. For regular users, a vaporizer drastically cuts down on the risk of various smoking related diseases.

Why These Patents Matter

Cloud Penz has filed design patents in China for the rectangular design of their atomizer, and a design patent in the U.S. for various configurations of the atomizer. This means that when consumers buy from, they’re getting a vape pen which they can’t get anywhere else.

The most popular line is the Cloud 2.0 Penz, which come with a complete kit of vape pen essentials. This includes a mouthpiece, a wall adapter, a micro USB charger, a travel case and two types of atomizers. The units are lightweight, durable and are available in a variety of colors including “reggae,” “concrete” and “lambo.”

About Full Circle, Inc

Full Circle, Inc is a Los Angeles company headed by Brett Albanese. Founded in 2012, it has quickly become one of the most influential electronic vaporizer companies in the industry, due in no small part to the fact that they are the sole proprietor of Cloud Penz.

Cloud Penz have become popular because they have a high quality construction, a cool design and they’re backed by a 12 month warranty. Vape pens don’t have the best reputation, but is doing their part to quickly change that. If a customer ever has a problem with the quality of their pen, refunds, replacements and support are easily available.

Brett Albanese
CEO Full Circle, Inc and proprietor of Cloud Penz.
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