Being Stylish in Undercover with Spy Camera Sunglasses

Posted December 18, 2012 by stome87

When you hear the word “sunglasses”, what is on your mind? Sunglasses sometimes relates to the beach, sun exposure, looking trendy and fashionable in any place.

When you hear the word “sunglasses”, what is on your mind? Sunglasses sometimes relates to the beach, sun exposure, looking trendy and fashionable in any place. Not mention the image of actress and actors who wear the sunglasses produces amazing poses, make us give a wow utterance to a sunglasses
However, now sunglasses can be more than just an eyewear to make your performance cool, but it can be used to capture and record the moment that you want to have. In the espionage world, the use of spy camera sunglasses may be initialized from several years ago, but the use of this device for common people was not as popular as now.
State of Camera Sunglasses for espionage
Basically, the shape and state of the camera sunglasses for espionage is not different from ordinary sunglasses, and this is the most important thing. The ordinary form will make it natural and it will not rise any suspicious from the target. However, the frame of the sunglasses is made wider and thicker than ordinary sunglasses. The frame is made in black color or dark to conceal the position camera and the battery. Even though the real purpose is not to dare the sunlight, but the lens of camera sunglasses for espionage is made from the real UV proof material such as UV 400.
The spy camera sunglasses is not only used to see what happens in that location, but it also can take a photograph from HD camera and record the sound because of the existence of camera placed in several positions such as in the nosepiece, sidebar of the frame and also the center of the camera. If the user requires the live report from the location, the transmitter which is attached can be used to transfer the data to the monitor.
To support the surveillance action, the sunglasses uses battery which can lasts up to 2 hours, but if the battery used from Li-ion, the runtime can be longer than that up to 9 hours. Finally, the video, photo and the audio that have been recorded by the camera sunglasses are saved in the Memory card. This is also becomes the suggestion for the user that it will be better to purchase the spy camera sunglasses with big memory card capacity because we do not know where the surveillance act will be over, so do not take any risk by using the small capacity memory card.
The Now Use
Maybe there is no real james bond around us, there is nothing mafia group that needs to spy another groups because of the business, but this spy sunglasses can be still used for detecting your spouse or your co-worker. Maybe your intuition says that there is something wrong with your spouse and you need to have a peace of mind by proving your suspicious. It is also can be used to record the special sacred or art ritual pr tourism objects which does not allow the visitor to take any picture. However, the great invention should be used for a great purpose as well, isn’t it?!
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