Racism and Violent Protests are a Direct Violation of Human Rights in 2020

Posted June 1, 2020 by stilsonlewis

Human Rights have moved to the forefront as riots upstage Coronavirus, and people question attitudes of racism.

The year is 2020, the beginning of a new decade, within a new century and a new millennium where Humanity is facing global health situations and a pandemic. You would think that with all the recent progress: civilization has just sent a rocket back into space and accomplishing the greatest containment of the spread of a disease which is protecting more than 7,000 million people, we would know better, and still as individuals, one person against another, one human being before another, we violate the most basic agreements of coexistence between human beings.

Racism is an ideology, it is a way of thinking, where it is defined as belief in the superiority of a race (markedly in different skin colors) compared to other races, and the need to keep a race isolated or separate in a country. There many more manifestations of discrimination.

Discrimination means giving different treatment to people who deserve to receive the same treatment as others. It directs who will benefit and who will be harmed for no reason other than differences in race, sex, political ideas, or religion. This is a direct violation of Human Right Number Two (2) "DO NOT DISCRIMINATE". "

After these daily events the most natural action is for an individual is to protest and complain and openly say that they do not agree. It is a sane response to an act of dementia or stupidity. But the fact that it is done with hatred and anger immediately leads to a chain of acts of violence. And violence brings more violence and does not bring understanding or sanity either.

This is a direct violation of Human Right number 20, "THE RIGHT TO GET TOGETHER IN PUBLIC". We have grown tired of seeing in history and right now in these moments when you read this, Human Rights being violated over and over again. And I ask you why? There may be many answers and the vast majority are most likely correct.

"Human Rights must be a reality, not an idealistic dream." L. Ronald Hubbard.

Helping is a Human Right number 29. "RESPONSIBILITY" We need your help. We want Human Rights to be taught in schools now. @humanrightstampa
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Issued By Olga Fajardo
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Last Updated June 1, 2020