Things to Check When Buying a Home Water Filter System

Posted February 2, 2022 by stewartmorgan0

Contaminated and dirty water is a serious concern in every part of the world. It leads to several health issues and waterborne diseases in people of all age groups. As a result

Contaminated and dirty water is a serious concern in every part of the world. It leads to several health issues and waterborne diseases in people of all age groups. As a result, it becomes necessary for homeowners to install a home water filter system to clean water for safe and healthy uses. Water contamination can occur by many means and activities, and one needs to be sure about the type of contamination when buying the right water purifier.
There are several home water filter systems available in the market to remove dissolver impurities and contaminations and make water clean, safe, and healthy for consumption. However, you should check certain important things before buying a water purifier for your home. In this post, we discuss important factors you should keep in mind to make the right decision for your family’s health:
Check the water quality
You can check or test the water quality based on various parameters before choosing a home water purifier. The one size doesn’t fit all needs, and you need to be very clear about your specific situation in terms of water impurity and issues. Water filter systems use different technologies and methods to remove different kinds of impurities and contamination. It is why you need to check the water quality before start looking for the right filtration technology for your specific situation. Talk to professionals and experts to get all the help you need to test water quality.
You should consider the following things when checking water quality:
• The smell of the water
• Taste of the water
• Color of water
• Particles present
• Corrosion build-up
These test parameters will help you decide the right technology and filtration method that best fits your requirements.
Pick the right filtration technology to eliminate specific contaminants
You can categorize water contamination in the following categories:
• Biological: The presence of microbes such as the presence of bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and parasites.
• Chemical: It is man-made. The water contains impurities like salts, bleach, pesticides, and so on.
• Physical: These are sediments or organic materials suspended in the water and affect the physical appearance such as color and clarity of the water.
Once you know what type of impurities and contaminations are present in your water supply, you can easily pick the combination of technologies and filtration methods to clean water in your area. No Filtration technology removes all kinds of impurities, and you have to be very clear about it. Depending on the water test result, you can decide whether to opt for a UV filter or RO filter for your situation. Make sure that the home water filter system you are getting has NSF-Certification for international standards of water purification.
How often do you have to change filters?
Every water purifier has a filter that has the capacity to clean a specific amount of water over a period of use. The amount of water your family consumes every day decides how often you will have to change filters. You should also consider the cost of filer replacement before making a final decision.
These are some important factors that you need to look for when buying a home water filter system to protect your family’s health. Take your time and don’t hesitate to talk to experts and professionals to make the right decision.

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