Facts about firewood and its uses

Posted July 14, 2012 by stevenberry

People living in cold countries are well aware of the uses of firewood as it keeps them hot. It is the kind of material that is collected from different sources and is used as fuel.

Firewood products vary in terms of size, uses, material and quality and there are different uses of the products. It is thus important to choose the right type of product for your house, when you buy firewood. If you need instant warming, use the soft firewood product, as they are easy to cut and pile. To avoid smoke and accident regarding chimney fire, it is better to use the hardwood for heat and almost zero smoke. Briquettes Scotland are often used by the residents as the woods are cut when the tress are shedding leaves. These woods are finely dried and thus burn easily to comfort you during extreme cold.
As you should be careful to buy firewood, you must also know how to handle firewood to avoid accidents. Either you purchase firewood or cut it on your on, be sure that the wood is completely dry. If it is not properly dried, leave it for a cretin time in sunlight to remove the water from the woods. Briquettes Scotland is being used widely because the woods are more seasoned and there is difference between this wood and the fresh ones. If you cut the wood on your own, you must leave it at least for six months to dry it properly. Drying the wood the right way is also important to remove the natural earthly smell from the woods.
When you buy firewood, avoid the newly chopped firewood and choose the old one. It is because the newly chopped firewood contains almost 60% of water that prevents the wood from burning properly. However, briquettes Scotland are quite different as the woods are properly seasoned to offer you the required heat and fire. Even after drying the woods for six months, it is good to pile it in a location where there is enough sunlight. The more heat it receives for the whole day, the fast it burns at night. While piling the wood maintain gap between the wall passage and wood stock to keep them safe from moist.
It may be expensive to buy firewood if you prefer building fireplace at outdoors. You must look for the cheap woods for this purpose. You can use Briquettes Scotland, as they are often economical. Else, you can choose the local old trees to cut on your own and use as cheap firewood. Follow the rules and laws of cutting trees in your locality, before you cut down one. You can also refer to local landfill for cheap firewood.
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