Basic Soccer Drills - The Only Guide You Need

Posted July 18, 2019 by Steve4565

The most basic skill that any soccer player must develop is the ability to successfully dribble the ball.

Soccer drills are a vital part of any soccer coaching session. They provide a base, on which players can build on and develop their skills in both practice, and real-match situations. The following are just some of the most basic drills, and what they help budding soccer players to achieve.

Dribbling Soccer Drills

The most basic skill that any soccer player must develop is the ability to successfully dribble the ball. This ability is encouraged through drills which encourage the player to run with the ball at their feet in a straight line, and then through a series of cones. As the player progresses, they will be able to dribble more effectively and take the ball past opponents in a game situation.

Passing Soccer Drills

Alongside dribbling, accurate passing is one of the vital abilities a soccer player must possess. This is achieved through a number of drills, the most simple of which is known as the relay. This is where two lines of footballers are assembled at opposite ends of a field, passing the ball backwards and forwards between them. As the players become more advanced, coaches may want to increase the distance between the players and introduce a 'one touch' rule, meaning that the player must return the ball straight away. This not only improves accuracy but also gives the player the ability to pass under pressure.

Shooting Soccer Drills

The ability to score goals is what can mark out soccer players from the pack. This is particularly apparent in the case of junior footballers. Developing the ability to get shots on target is attained through shooting drills between the offensive player, defenders and the goalkeeper. Initially, players may engage in one-on-one drills with an offensive player and the goalkeeper. As soccer players become more advanced, however, defending players may be introduced into these soccer drills, which is something the player will have to deal with in a game situation.

Tackling Soccer Drills

The ability to close down and tackle the opposition is a vital component of any defensive soccer player, helping them to win back the ball from the opposition. As players become more advanced, they will also develop the ability to slide tackle, allowing them to win the ball back in open play.

Heading Soccer Drills

Winning the ball in the air is vital for any successful soccer team. Drills which focus on heading, therefore, are vitally important.

Soccer Drills and Practice Matches

After footballers have been put through their paces in drills, it is time for them to put these skills into practice in a game situation. Drills can only go so far in a soccer player's development, as it is vital that they gain experience of a match situation.
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