Marijuana: Who Needs a Human Race?

Posted July 7, 2019 by SocialBetterment

Social Engineering , Mind Control and Medical Marijuana. First, just common sense, but breathing any smoke is bad for your lungs.

Social Engineering , Mind Control and Medical Marijuana

First, just common sense, but breathing any smoke is bad for your lungs. This needs to be said, and heard.
Any toxin, defined as poison, a substance which is any substance that causes injury, illness or death, especially by chemical means.

Now for the serious part. Marijuana, more properly known as Cannabis, is one of the few drugs that causes abnormal cell division,
which leads to severe hereditary defects. Using Marijuana can lead to birth defects That's right, a sly threat to the human race clothed in glamor and defiance.

Who gains? Certainly not those who want a future full of beautiful, creative people.

This movement toward mass drugging contains another trap. Even though some of the individual States of the United States of America claim to
have made Marijuana legal within that State, it is still against the federal laws of the country. This means that if an immigrant participates in this industry,
Immigration Services are required to deny them citizenship. It also means they can be deported for only that, participating in the Cannabis industry. Growing and distributing Marijuana is illegal under the law of the United States Federal Government. So even for people who are working legally in the US, participation in this industry will get you expelled.

Who gains? Certainly not the anyone who has come here to work hard and build a better life.

Drugs have uses. Most of us do not want to face surgery without some chemical assistance. Drugs are chemical, even those that are natural. It is the way they interact in the body. They are not food or nutrition. They are toxic, which is another way of saying poison. Intoxication as a word means experiencing the effects of taking toxins into your body. So again, poisons are putting your body and yourself into an altered state, where your survival is at risk.

Who gains? Follow the money.

For those who care about their family and friends and having a healthy and creative future , try this:"Discourage people from taking drugs.
When they are doing so, encourage them to seek help in getting off them." L. Ron Hubbard.

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