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Posted October 12, 2020 by sleepandbeyondusa

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Sleep and Beyond is offering an elegant collection of premium organic bedding in various sizes and style options. Our down collection has an insulation facility which helps in maintaining a moderate body temperature across all seasons. Down bedding material is light, soft, lofty, and warmer than any other material choices.

To sync with your sleeping style and the temperatures in your bedroom, our down alternative comforteris made with the warmth and style, owning to the fine craftsmanship and the choicest materials used. The weight of our comforters varies with the fluctuations in the weather ranging from the extreme chills to warmer times.

Down Comforters for Every Season

A light weight down comforter is ideal for the summer months, while the frigid winter nights need extra weight from the ultra-weight down comforter collection. However, the fill power of the down comforter is an equally important factor in keeping the bedding warm.

A down comforter forms air pockets and insulates itself against the cold with the fluffiness, keeping the sleeper warm. The higher the fill, the higher will be the insulation it will create and generate heat.We also have the dual weight down option, so that both the partners can share the same comforter and yet sleep at their own set temperature preferences.

The Down Packaging and Safety

Just selecting the down wool is not the end of the quality check at our end. The fill is evenly distributed across the box quilted down comforter for an even warmth creation. The gorgeous soft finish with a silky combed sateen shell is stand-alone. However, to synchronies with your bedroom décor and protection, you can add a duvet cover to your comforter too. The comforters at Sleep and Beyond have corner loops that attach easily to any duvet cover you pick.

Best Pillow for a Good Sleep

Are you a side sleeper, stomach sleeper or a back sleeper,or a little of each? Investing in an adjustable pillowwill make sure that you have the best sleep! You will wake up in the morning feeling refreshed after a good night’s rest. Sleep and Beyond adjustable pillows help in reducing the amount of shoulder and neck pain that you may experience while sleeping. One cannot rely on a single type of pillow that provides comfort in every sleeping position. Our adjustable pillows will adjust with your position every time you change it!

Quality is Paramount

Sleep and Beyond is a certified company, functioning since 1992 in creating quality organic products for its customers. We have taken care that the wool in our down comforters has been sourced responsibly and every phase of the manufacturing is monitored by our experienced team members. People suffering from allergies can benefit from our down comforters and adjustment pillows, as they are allergens and dust free. You can rest easy as our comforters and pillows are hypoallergenicowing to the meticulous down cleaning process that they undergo in their making.

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Sleep & Beyond

Address: 14611 El Molino St, Fontana, California, USA

Telephone: +1 877 777 9665

Website: www.sleepandbeyond.com
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