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Japjee family dental clinic follows an evidence based treatment approach,and highest quality of dental services such as dental implants through committed and positive attitude in Mohali and Chandigarh.

Japjee family dental clinic is one of the best dental implant and treatment clinic due to its experienced, talented dentists of Mohali & Chandigarh. Services provided by Japjee dental Clinics:
It is undisputedly the best solution to replace your missing tooth. These are the titanium roots that replaces the natural root of your tooth that is responsible for the stability and strength of the tooth, over which crown or bridge is placed and helps you enjoy your meals with full satisfaction.
Dental implant is best known for replacement of single missing tooth. However they can also be used to replace multiple missing teeth by placing multiple implants that are connected by bridges subsequently, referred to as fixed implant bridges.
This is a Fixed Dental bridge that is screwed on top of 4 or more dental implants and it can be only removed by the dentist. It is a treatment protocol when complete arch (upper/lower) replacement is done by placing only 4 dental implants strategically in each arch, in comparison with the placement of 5-8 implants in each arch conventionally.
This is a set of false teeth that replaces your original teeth . These are Removable appliances used to replace missing tooth/ teeth are referred to as removable partial dentures. In cases of loss of teeth due to caries, periodontal or any other reason, failure to replace missing teeth will result in loss of function, form and esthetics.
This is a removable bridge that replaces your missing teeth while anchoring on to your remaining teeth.
One of the most common complaints of patients wearing dentures is reduced stability especially in the lower arch. Overdentures are removable complete dentures that are attached to remaining natural teeth or implants resulting in improved stability.
A TOOTH Shaped cap that is used to protect the teeth to make them stronger and more beautiful . Dental crowns are used to replace the natural tooth in form and function.
This is a thin layer of porcelain or composite ( tooth coloured filling) that protects your tooth and makes it beautiful.
A treatment where you can make your teeth whiter either by using laser light or some sort of a whitening gel. With this you can enhance the shade of your teeth. It is of 2 types
HOME BLEACHING: A teeth whitening treatment that can be done at home using plastic trays and whitening gel.
OFFICE BLEACHING: A professional teeth whitening procedure that is done at the office by your dentist using a dental laser or light.
Now get rid of misaligned overlapped and crowed teeth with a variety of treatment options that can help straighten teeth giving you a long term health of your gums and teeth.
Our orthodontist will ask you question about your complaints, will conduct a clinical examination, take your photos and impressions of teeth and take you X-rays proceeding with treatment plan best suitable for you.
A root canal is a dental treatment that cures the nerve inside of tooth so that tooth can be saved from extraction.
Scaling is another word for dental cleaning. In this yellowish hard deposits, that cannot be cleared by regular brushing are cleared.
Deep cleaning is a cleaning of teeth and the roots of the teeth from harmful bacteria and toxins. It is done after the clearing of superficial deposits in scaling.
A dental procedure where your gums are reflected so that dentist can reach hard to reach areas better.
A surgical procedure to cover the exposed roots of teeth.
Previously, filling materials were unaesthetic which have now been replaced by tooth colored fillings.
Painless removal of tooth from the oral cavity.
It is a procedure which use bone material to grow new bone. The bone can be from your own body or external source. It is used when less amount of bone is present in your oral cavity.

Why you need Implant Dentist:

Some of the consequences of not filling in the space from the missing tooth can include:
The teeth adjacent to the missing tooth can change position to fill the gap.
The loss of the missing tooth’s root can cause the jawbone to shrink, making the face appear prematurely older and.
A missing tooth in the front of the mouth can affect your smile and your self-confidence.
Tooth implants are a good solution to tooth loss because they look and feel like natural teeth. Implants are placed in your jawbone surgically.
Though it is called artificial tooth but most of the time, implants feel more natural and secure than other methods of tooth replacement.

To get these services at reasonable prices, visit Japjee Family Dental Clinic, Mohali or Contact: 09812500495
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