Interesting Facts About Ethereum and Why You Should Buy It

Posted July 5, 2021 by Shiftal

For more such interesting and little-known facts about Ethereum, keep reading.

Ethereum may be one of the world’s most popular cryptocurrencies today and one with the second largest cryptocurrency market cap, but did you know the founders didn’t even have sufficient funds to create and launch the Ethereum project? For more such interesting and little-known facts about Ethereum, keep reading.

Interesting Facts (& Brief History) About Ethereum/ETH

1. ETH is the most popular altcoin and the biggest contender to Bitcoin.
2. Vitalik Buterin, founder of Ethereum, also co-founded the Bitcoin Magazine website to educate people and explore possibilities for the use of blockchain technology.
3. Vitalik first introduced the idea of Ethereum in 2013 as an alternative platform that would allow developers to build any type of decentralized application.
4. However, due to a lack of funds, Vitalik couldn’t realise the ETH concept right away. He took to crowdfunding to raise money to fuel the ETH idea and eventually build and launch it two years later.
5. Ethereum is a public, open-source blockchain software that can be used by just anyone for building and launching decentralized applications (DApps) using Smart Contracts.
6. Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) is a system that is designed to build and run a variety of decentralized applications with worldwide access.
7. In terms of importance and growth potential, ETH has been often put ahead of even Bitcoin by crypto traders and experts.
8. Even though ETH is a cryptocurrency, the main focus of the Ethereum project is to improve the use and applications of the blockchain (decentralized technology). There is little focus on growing the value of ETH. But, it happens nevertheless.
9. The actual cryptocurrency is called Ether or ETH, but most people mistake it for Ethereum. There is no Ethereum coin.
10. Even though Bitcoin is the #1 cryptocurrency by market cap, the actual ROI (return on investment since the launch) of ETH - 85325.89% - is almost three times the Bitcoin ROI of 28557.91%.
11. Some of the world’s top companies, including the likes of Samsung, JP Morgan, Microsoft, Intel, Bank of Canada and Deloitte, have joined the Ethereum Alliance (EEA) to help develop and promote Ethereum.
12. Ethereum comes with its own built-in programming language and is now the standard platform for anyone looking to build any type of decentralized application or program.
13. Ethereum 2.0 (Proof-of-Stake consensus) with improved security and scalability features is expected to be launched by the end of 2021. This will be a major upgrade with complete re-engineering of the Ethereum platform.
14. More than anything, the Ethereum platform is focused on providing a highly secure space for developers to build their creative decentralized programs. ETH 2.0 is expected to eliminate the security issues that the existing system faces.
15. One of the major reasons why institutional and enterprise investors invest in Ethereum is that they love Smart Contracts and believe them to be a major contributor to the global adoption of blockchain technology in the future.
16. Even though ETH is the second-largest cryptocurrency today, it wasn’t always the case. For a considerable period, other altcoins, including Litecoin, held the second position in the list of top cryptocurrencies. ETH, however, has changed the scene completely now.
17. Unlike many other cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, that have a limited, definite cap on how many tokens/coins will ever be, there is no limit on how many ETH can be there. We don’t know how many ETH are already in the market, and how many more will be released.
18. Being based on Proof-of-Work consensus, Ethereum presently allows mining. However, there is no saying whether it will continue to do so in the future. With the release of ETH 2.0, things might change for the better.
19. Ethereum was divided into two different blockchains - called Ethereal and Ethereal Classic - in 2016. It’s the only cryptocurrency in the world with two blockchains.
20. More than three-quarters of all ICOs and new crypto projects are based on the Ethereum blockchain.

Why You Should buy ETH

Do you still need a reason to invest in ETH? Ethereum is the biggest and fastest-growing blockchain system on the planet. It has a brilliant future and the backing of millions of developers, investors and global corporations. ETH is probably the safest place you can put your money into.

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