sell diabetic strips

Posted September 2, 2016 by sharmakrrish53

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Sell diabetic strips

Did you know Sell diabetic strips is legal to sell diabetic strips?
Many diabetics didn't know that they can get cash for their extra diabetic strips or even what to do with them, other than throw them away.
Many diabetics know that they can sell their test strips will Sell diabetic strips for many different reasons. Many diabetics who get their strips through the mail from mail order companies send more than are needed leaving them with many extra boxes. Other reasons are due to changing testing requirements such as not needing to test as often, their doctor has changed the prescription to a different brand, they are no longer in need of testing for a variety of very different reasons. A loved one has passed away who was a diabetic or any numerous changes may occur.
So why should I sell my test strips?
There are many reasons to sell them, you are able to get cash for them and help other diabetics in the process. Dealers who buy diabetic test strips do so for several reasons. The most prominent one is strictly for the money that they make. Other dealers do it to help diabetics (but still make money) that cannot afford to pay full price from their pharmacy because their insurance doesn't cover them, they do not have insurance or even with insurance the deductible is still too high. So no matter to whom you are selling your extra test strips to. They do get in the hands of people who need then at a large discount. sell diabetic strips

So to whom do you sell your extra test strips too?
There are several reputable buyers on the internet that you can mail your diabetic strips to and receive cash. Many buyers are willing to pay between $2.00 and $10.00 per box and others will pay upwards to twice that amount. It should only take a few minutes to do a search and find a couple of companies and individuals that will buy your diabetic test strips and several will even reimburse you for the shipping cost.
Your strips that you sell will need to be in an unopened non damaged box that is not out of date and has preferably six months or more before they expire. Some will buy strips that are short dated (within three months of expiration) but will pay less or even damaged boxes, but once again will pay less for them.
So whether you decide to or not to sell your strips is up to you. However, remember, there are people who need them, and they do no good in the neighborhood landfill.

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