Get Rid of Diabetic Foot Condition with Podiatric Foot Care and Treatments

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Diabetic foot problems are suffered by 16 million people in the US and half of them are even unaware of the aggravating condition, which makes the situation worse.

Diabetic foot problems are suffered by 16 million people in the US and half of them are even unaware of the aggravating condition, which makes the situation worse. The disease like Diabetes is a chronic condition and more than 2,200 cases are diagnosed regularly. This condition adversely affects your podiatric well-being too. It is highly recommended by the doctors to care your legs and foot while you suffer from Diabetes. The treatments to the painful foot conditions define podiatrists in Jacksonville, FL, and their excellent podiatric services.

Some of the foot disorder that may arise due to Diabetes, include:

Diabetic neuropathy

Untreated diabetic conditions damages nerves of your legs and foot. This can make you less sensitive to pain or inflammation. You don’t feel cut, tinge or sore on your feet and if it's due to Neuropathy can restrict your leg movement as the nerves get damaged. Some might also develop foot ulcers.
Treatment – Have to follow the diabetic medications and keep a check on the sugar levels and maintain a foot care regime regularly.

Peripheral vascular disease

Diabetes also causes hindrance to blood circulation in the body, which is why it takes longer to get a cut healed. Restricted blood flow in legs and arms is termed as the Peripheral vascular disease. It affects the blood flow away from the heart and if you get an infection in the leg it may worsen to ulcer (as the tissue becomes dead due to limited blood flow)
Treatment - Include the foot exercises suggested by the podiatrist as this can improve the blood circulation in the legs and foot.

Athlete’s foot

It is a fungal infection that causes redness, itching and cracking of the foot skin. Not getting the proper treatment for this condition for long period of time can allow germs to get into your skin through the crack and cause infection.
Treatment – You can consult an expert podiatrist to get rid of the situation and even can prevent this condition by taking podiatric help for foot care if you suffer from Diabetes.

Fungal infection in nails

This is a common problem faced by the diabetic patients. Nails become discolored (brown), thick and brittle and are difficult to get cure without specific podiatric treatment.
Treatment – Get required medicines from the podiatrist and the treatment may include nail tissue removal periodically.


It’s a hard-skin build-up commonly beneath the foot. Medical care is needed when you have calluses as removing it with a sharp object or cutting it can further lead to grave consequences.
Treatment – The podiatric expert can provide you the proper guidance and treatment to get rid of the unwanted development.


A bunion is a condition when big toe angles or inclines towards the net toe. Generally, this calluses the area of the toe between. It may also become rough and stick out. Bunions may form in one or both the feet. It causes pain when you walk for a while and is a deformity.
Treatment – An expert podiatrist can help get rid of it through a sugary realigning your toes.

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