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Posted December 23, 2014 by sarahcoolen

When it comes to pet birds, if we’ve never had one, some of us may imagine that the most that a parrot can do is sing or talk.

When it comes to pet birds, if we’ve never had one, some of us may imagine that the most that a parrot can do is sing or talk. It’s true that parrots love to communicate, and that they do this through songs or talking, but that’s because most birds are highly social and like to interact with their owners. What we probably don’t know is that pet birds can be quite active, especially if left alone to do as they wish. This is why, in order to avoid any problems, we need to make sure that we have enough bird toys to keep them busy and entertained.
Because birds are such highly communicative and engaging creatures they can easily get bored if left alone without any type of entertainment. The fact is that providing our pets with bird toys is essential not only in order for them to avoid boredom, but also to keep their mind active and stimulated. The real bad news is that, if left alone, birds can get depressed and start engaging in bad behaviors like screaming, plucking out their own feathers and biting whatever they can reach. There are a multitude of parrot toys available on the market, and we can even choose to create some of our own bird toys, since it’s quite easy to fashion something rudimentary yet effective, like a bell attached to a string. However, we should always make sure that the toys we put at the disposal of our birds aren’t going to hurt them.
When purchasing bird toys we need to make sure that they’re intended for birds that are the same size as ours. That is because smaller birds can easily get hurt while using the toys meant for bigger birds, and bigger birds can easily swallow smaller toys by mistake. There are five types of parrot toys that we can purchase. The first type of parrot toys is the preening toys which are usually made out of rope and serve as a stress reliever for birds. Secondly, there are the shredding toys, which are made up of cardboard or paper, and that also work as stress relievers. Next on the list are the chew toys, which are usually made out of wood and which are recommended for larger parrots. Foraging bird toys are used in order to mimic life in the wild where they would find things and forage for food.
By far the most important parrot toys that we can buy for our pet friend are exercise toys. These usually come in the form of swings and ladders, and are meant to keep the bird from getting out of shape. Since birds like to explore, the more bird toys we place around their cage, the more likely they are to find and use them. It’s critical to keep our birds well trained and entertained, and if we’re looking for a wider range of bird toys, then we should try browsing and searching for online pet shops that provide these types of products. We’ll find that it’s easy to find reliable websites that we can trust, and from which we can buy just about everything we need for our pet bird.

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