Types of Wardrobes for Your Home

Posted August 13, 2020 by SarahAddyson

Choosing the right type of wardrobe is not an easy job. It is exciting to decorate the house and think about styles and colors, but you might not know there are so many wardrobes out there.

Choosing the right type of wardrobe is not an easy job. It is exciting to decorate the house and think about styles and colors, but you might not know there are so many wardrobes out there. For instance, you can purchase items directly from furniture shops and install them at home, or you can have them custom made. Besides classic designs, built in wardrobes stand out and they can have hinged or sliding doors. Every design comes with something different and it is best to get to know as much as possible about each and decide what works best for you.

What Wardrobes to Choose

Wardrobes are the perfect addition to your house when you want to add storage space. People use them to store clothes, shoes even, accessories, and anything they have around, based on their capacity. However, it is important to think of these furniture elements more than storage spaces, because their décor and color adds value to the overall appearance of the bedroom. If you plan to invest in one, make sure you choose a durable and stylish one that fits perfectly in the room and takes advantage of the available space.

There are many kinds available and it depends on the available space or if you have an entire room available to dedicate to the wardrobe. This refers to the walk-in kind, which is the most spacious and luxurious of them all. You can display all your belongings in an organized manner and add different elements inside, such as full-length mirrors, benches, compartments for outfits, and more. You can place your bags and accessories; have a make-up table inside, separate casual wear from formal wear. There are so many ideas, but this means you have enough space and it will be separated from the rest of the rooms.

Why Built in Wardrobes

Freestanding and https://www.sydneywardrobe.com.au/ built in wardrobes are two popular types and they have their benefits, no wonder so many people think about them when they have to decide which one to integrate. The built-in mode has many more benefits, especially when you are remodeling or building a new house. This is because you can maximize space, because the design works in any room, regardless of size. For instance, it can be placed in alcoves or L-shaped corners. More to it, you can decide on the interior compartment, especially if you choose a bespoke one.

It is quite annoying to purchase a premade standing wardrobe and find out that it is not as functional as you thought. When you choose bespoke furniture, this does not happen, because you decide every element. You can focus more on hanger space, in case you have clothing that is more formal and if you need more room for accessories and jewelry, you can add drawers. Custom furniture adapts to your individual needs and customization refers to height, internal shelf, hanger section, and more. Not only the interior is customized, but the exterior design as well, because you can choose from different types of doors, colors, patterns, add mirrors or glass on the doors, and more.

Wall mounted https://www.sydneywardrobe.com.au/ wardrobes are very versatile as well and focus more on a modern approach. They are mounted on the wall and occupy less space. The design is very elegant and you can place belongings you do not use too often or simply want to deposit on the top sections. Sliding doors are a great addition, they are quite easy and smooth to operate and they do not require additional space when opened. They might be more expensive than regular ones and require professional installation. It is essential to invest in high-quality ones, to benefit from increased durability and stability.

With mass-produced furniture you have to settle with what is available in shops and when you buy online, you never know how it looks in reality. The quality is often questionable for such items, and you might not take advantage of the storage space as you initially thought. Bespoke wardrobes don’t have these issues, because they are manufactured based on the available space and on every person’s preferences.

What about installation services for wardrobes? You have to handle the job on your own when you purchase directly from shops or hire someone for the job. It is not always convenient, especially since furniture elements come disassembled and you need to find out where each piece goes. Certain tools are required as well. Manufacturers provide installation services, and you don’t have to worry about anything. Transportation and installation are offered, and you simply need to sit back and relax while others make sure to position the wardrobe and put it in place.

What Bespoke Furniture Offers

With bespoke built in wardrobes the best aspect is that you are part of the design process and you can use the rest of the décor to come up with the ideal one for the wardrobe. With such an extensive range of materials it is hard to choose the right ones, but the good news is that consultants are by your side and they will guide you through the process.

If you don’t know exactly which built in wardrobes fit best in the room, you can discuss with manufacturers and they will present ideas. You can always look through their portfolio for extra inspiration and figure out what you want in the end. It also matters what type of clothes and accessories you will place inside, if formal or informal attire, if you need many drawers, place for hangers, and such.

Configuration is one of the best parts of built in wardrobes, because you have the opportunity to decide on what works best for your case. In case you will share the space with someone, you can configure it for both of you, so you don’t have to mix clothes. You can also choose the height of internal shelves, to reach them easily. How about integrating lighting? This is possible and will make things easier to find under all circumstances, not to mention enhance appearance.
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