How to Shop for the Right Wardrobes

Posted March 19, 2021 by SarahAddyson

Finding the right wardrobes is not always an easy task, because every home is different, and people seek something in particular that goes with their style and provides enough storage space.

Finding the right wardrobes is not always an easy task, because every home is different, and people seek something in particular that goes with their style and provides enough storage space. Freestanding models are not always the best choice, because they might not have the right design, they have standard measurements, and they don’t have unique features. On the other hand, built in wardrobes are an excellent choice, especially if you choose personalized ones that provide the exact features you need. 

Why Wardrobes 

Wardrobes are necessary in every home. They provide storage space for clothes, accessories, and even shoes. People put them in any part of the house, depending on their preferences and where they have enough room. Nowadays, there are so many styles and designs to choose from and you can choose to purchase a wardrobe from a furniture shop, or you can have it custom made. Of course, there are more benefits when it is customized to your likings, because in this case you have a say in everything and you decide over measurements, interior compartments, design, types of doors, handles, and more. 

There are different types of closets as well, freestanding ones being some of the most popular designs. They are easy to purchase, but they lack innovation, and they are standard. To make use of every space inside the room, you should opt for custom-made models. Such closets are easy to integrate, they fit very well with the rest of the décor, and they even fit in weirdly shaped spaces, such as L-shaped corners, around windows, under staircase, and such. You don’t have to worry about the details, because designers know how to take measurements and come up with ideas based on the available space. 

Why Built in Wardrobes 

If you want to be part of the design process, this is possible with built in wardrobes . You can design a model that fits in the room perfectly and matches the rest of the décor. Designers working in the field provide an array of materials and finishes to choose from, including different types of wood, handles, doors, and more. Sliding doors are among the top choices, because they occupy less space, they feature a sleek and modern design. When you customize closets, you can focus on details and can even install mirrors on doors, LED lights inside, for a better view regardless of the natural light. 

How about internal configuration? In general, with already designed models you don’t have a say in the process and you need to settle with what manufacturers provide. The good news is that customized closets allow designing the right configuration to you, based on the type of clothes you need to store. Perhaps you need more hanger space if you have plenty formal attire, or you want shelves to store everyday clothing. Trouser racks are also an option, including drawers for accessories, shoes, and such. You can discuss with designers and they will let you know what is possible and how they can bring your ideas to life. You don’t have to make compromises, because you can finally have enough space for all belongings. 

Regardless of personal preferences, the available space within a room, there is no need to worry, because customized wardrobes are always an excellent option. You don’t have to settle with what you find in shops and be limited by the range of colors, finishes, configuration. Once you discuss with professionals that design these furniture elements, you can have any particular model you want. It is best to take advantage of the entire space in the room and maximize storage. For example, you can install a wardrobe up to the ceiling, and you can use the extra space to store items that you don’t need on a regular basis. 

Wardrobes should integrate perfectly in your home, they need to offer enough storage space, but at the same time, they should look good, be highly functional, and durable. Custom models are sturdier, because manufacturers pay attention to detail and they use high-quality materials, including accessories, such as hinges, sliding mechanisms, and more. This means that you can rest assured that you don’t have to change the wardrobe after some time or worry that after every use it becomes susceptible to damage. 

No matter how small or large a room is, there are wardrobes out there that offer that perfect fit. There are many possibilities nowadays and you can take a look and see what designers have to offer, what projects they completed so far, how they imagine the perfect wardrobe, and how they value each customer. You can even get ideas when you look online and see what they are capable of. Inspiration comes from furniture-inspired websites, magazines, and you can decorate your space however you please. 

Who Designs Built in Closets 
Built in wardrobes have become very popular and it is no wonder why so many people are requesting them. Designers working in the field collaborate with clients from the first stage of the project until the wardrobe is installed. Complete services are offered, from designing until installation. 

Because you have a lot to say in the process, built in wardrobes will turn out exactly how you imagined, even better. You can combine different finishes and textures, mirrors, LED lights, handles, so that every part is highly personalized. Don’t hesitate and discuss with someone experienced and specialized, and you will be surprised of the final result. 

People need built in wardrobes to store their belongings, and it is common nowadays that they purchase furniture elements separately. They do not buy sets anymore, because they want to combine finishes and expect different things from every element. Even designers have different views and catalogues, and you are free to discuss with several and request quotes, to find out exactly which delivers the expected result. The good news is that online you can find websites and get in touch with providers directly, while analyzing their projects and experience in the field. 
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